Young At Heart Forever?

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

I’ve stated it before and been stating this for many years : You are only as young as the girls you feel! :D So bring on the hot, nubile 16 year old girls!

I will always love to have fun, make jokes and laugh myself silly at them and at funny stuff. I will share dirty jokes and get dirty jokes from my friends and enjoy them with a belly laugh. I will still enjoy reading my favourite comic books Tintin & Asterix which always bring me back to my childhood.

I will rock out to all my favourite rock bands and play air guitar (with the faces) and air drums and slappin the bass man! C’mon how can you enjoy rock songs without doing that? I will post funny pictures that I find off the internet. I will watch funny comedies and I will repeat the jokes.

I will always be a fun person to be around.

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