Young At Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

I have a favourite saying “You are only as old as the girls you feel” – so bring only the 18 year old chickies! :D

I would love to say that I truly believe in the song “18 Till I Die” by Bryan Adams. I know I am growing older, I am 40 and no longer the spring chicken I once was. But do I think like an older person? I dunno. For one, I see older folks thinking about certain things, speaking about certain stuff and in a certain manner and I am nothing like them. Atleast it seems like that to me.

I refuse to stop being silly, to stop dreaming, to stop not wanting or wishing and being a little silly. That will keep me young at heart. The moment I stop all these things then I am old and probably jaded.

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