Younger Days Blues

What was the hardest part of being a kid?

The hardest part of being a kid was being looked at as just a kid and therefore your opinions don’t really matter. Adults, no matter if they didn’t have a fucking clue, still held all the trump cards. And not just your parents but assorted uncles, aunts, grandmothers and their age group people had the final say. Even when it came to matters that were clearly none of their business and whether they knew shit about things.

That’s why sometimes when we had pushy relatives at our house they got their way at our expense. Decisions that my dad and mom ought to make with me and my sister in mind were in the hands of others. That was a bummer and it would be only in my early 20s when I could stand up and tell people that their opinions are like penises – it’s great to have one but most of the time, please stop waving it around and shoving it in other people’s faces! Just fucking keep it to yourself!

Ofcourse I might have said it much nicer than that but they got the idea!

Prompt from 31 Days Of July Writing Prompts from The SitsGirls

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