Your Face Up In Space

NASA is encouraging people to send electronic images of their faces to fly into orbit aboard one of the final remaining space shuttle missions.The “Face in Space” program allows people to select which mission they want their faces to be a part of. Discovery is currently set to launch in September and Endeavour is the last scheduled shuttle mission, planned for November, before the program is retired. But those dates are expected to slip.

“The space shuttle program belongs to the public, and we are excited when we can provide an opportunity for people to share the adventure of our missions,” said space shuttle program manager John Shannon. “This website will allow you to be a part of history and participate as we complete our final missions.” There are no plans for submitted photos to be shown publicly, although there is a disclaimer on the website that says “Whatever you post on your Face in Space page may potentially be available for everyone to see, so you must exercise caution in what you post.”

If you are not able to upload a photo, you can submit your name instead. After the flight, participants can go to the website and print a “flight certificate” signed by the mission commander. Shuttle Atlantis could get one last chance to fly in orbit next June. NASA is waiting to see if the White House and Congress approve an extra mission. Nearly 75,000 people worldwide have already submitted their images or names.

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