You’re Only As Old As The Girls You Feel

That’s my personal philosophy! Age is only a number and you’re only as old as the girls you feel civic duty download georgia rule online download .

Ok, this is where I confess and admit that I might be a dirty, old goat in disguise. I know I should know better at my age but I can’t stop my dirty mind from fantasizing.

There’s this 18 year old girl that I know who recently came to join the company and from the moment I met her, I’ve had sexual thoughts about her. Her eyes look at you with that ‘come hither big boy’ look and when she fixes her big brown eyes at you, I swear I was getting aroused! I know, throws stones at me and flog me 30 times!

Lips, face, body – hot! But she’s just 18! She’s 14 years younger than I am. I twiced dreamed that I had sexual relations with her. It’s making me feel silly. When I even think of her, all I want to do is grab her, rip her clothes off and hump her! I’m almost ashamed of myself.

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