You’ve Got Mail

A charming movie that you can’t stop watching over & over again. I would label it one of the great romantic movies of all time. You’ve Got Mail, as you already know, is the meeting of two people, adversaries in real life, in the cyber world of chatting and who develop a relationship by trading emails. Tom Hanks’ character finds out the real identity of Meg Ryan’s character and makes her fall in love with him by showing her the real him.

Well other than that, here’s the reasons why this endearing movie has so enamoured me.

  • The two lead actors; Tom Hanks is probably my favourite actor of all time and Meg Ryan is Meg Ryan.
  • A wonderful supporting cast with Greg Kinnear, Steve Zahn, Parker Posey, Dave Chappelle, Dabney Coleman & Heather Burns. Michael Badalucco has a tiny role as an elevator operator.
  • The setting – Manhattan’s Upper West Side is gorgeous, with a small town feel in the big city. An open market, coffeeshops, book stores and people who actually walk from their houses to work!
  • Meg’s & Hank’s townhouse apartments (I learned today that shopgirl’s abode is called a brownstone) – I just love the design & roomyness.
  • Brinkley the dog. A golden retriever that keeps running about in the scene in which Tom Hanks is deciding whether or not to reply to her mail, after he finds out who shopgirl is. Needless to say, I love goldens and would love to keep one in my apartment.

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