Zombi 2

Zombi 2¬†is a 1979 Italian¬†zombie film¬†directed by¬†Lucio Fulci. It was adapted from an original screenplay by¬†Dardano Sacchetti¬†to serve as a sequel to¬†George A. Romero’s¬†Dawn of the Dead¬†(1978), which was released in Italy with the title¬†Zombi. It stars¬†Tisa Farrow,¬†Ian McCulloch, and¬†Richard Johnson, and features a score by frequent Fulci collaborator¬†Fabio Frizzi. Frizzi’s score has been released independently of the film, and he has performed it live on tour.

The film tells the story of a Caribbean island cursed by¬†voodoo¬†whose dead residents rise as zombies to attack the living. A scientist’s daughter journeys to the island after her father’s boat turns up abandoned in¬†New York City. Intended by its writer as a return to “classic zombie tales”,¬†Zombi 2¬†was filmed in Italy, with further location shooting in New York and¬†Santo Domingo.

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