Malkist Chocolate Cracker Biscuits

Back in January I had posted about Malkist’ cheese crackers which were a big hit in my home. I so love them and delight in having them with my evening tea/coffee. Whereas usually the crackers we get in India are bland and tasteless pieces of cardboard, these ones were delicious and a treat. So naturally I wanted to try other flavours that they have. So I bought the chocolate ones.

The crackers are crisp but the only thing is we have a tiny sugar granules, which for me is a problem as I am staying away from sugar. The chocolate isn’t very thick but just a light coating in the middle. However the brand of chocolate that they use isn’t the greatest and hence it is a bit subdued, especially when you compare them to the cheese ones. I’m not saying that it is bad; it’s actually good but not as great as the cheese ones. They are a bit of a let down.

Having sad that they aren’t a bad combo with your evening tea or coffee and will go great as a snack. I didn’t dip them in my tea but you know what it will be something to try next time. I just wish that they had a big more to the chocolate in the middle. No added preservative but it has food colouring. If the cheese crackers are a 8.5 outta 10 for me, these ones are a 7.

5 Weird Laws In The US State Of Mississippi

1. You’ll be fined $100 for cursing in public

Anyone who profanely swears, or uses vulgar and indecent language, or is drunk in any public place in the presence of two or more individuals will be arrested and when convicted will pay a fine of $100 or be imprisoned in the county jail for not more than 30 days or both.

2. $10,000 fine for ‘abominable’ acts

Any person who shall be convicted of a detestable and abominable crime against nature, committed with mankind or with a beast, will pay a fine of $10,000 or will be imprisoned in a state penitentiary for not less than 10 years.

3. Teaching polygamy is against the law

According to Chapter 29 of Mississippi law on crimes against public morals and decency, “If any person shall teach another the doctrines, principles, or tenets, or any of them, of polygamy; or shall endeavor so to do; or shall induce or persuade another by words or acts, or otherwise, to embrace or adopt polygamy, or to emigrate to any other state, territory, district, or country for the purpose of embracing, adopting, or practicing polygamy, or shall endeavor so to do, he shall, on conviction, be fined not less than $25 nor more than $500, or be imprisoned in the county jail not less than one month nor more than six months, or both.”

4. Having more than one illegitimate child is punishable by law

If you have an illegitimate child in Mississippi, it’s okay, it happens. But, if you have another, you’ve officially crossed the line into immorality. You’ll be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than 30 days nor more than ninety 90 days or pay a fine of not more than $250, or both. If you subsequently have another illegitimate child, you will then be subject to no less than three and no more than six months in county jail, and you might have to pay a $500 fine.

5. Being homeless is illegal

Vagrancy is prohibited in Mississippi. Anyone who’ll be caught wandering aimlessly without any visible means of support will be arrested and sent to jail for not less than 10 nor more than 30 days.

Arsenal 2 Tottenham Hotspurs 2

Tottenham came from behind twice to secure a hard-earned point in the north London derby against Arsenal in a thriller at Emirates Stadium. In a relentless encounter, Arsenal took the lead after 26 minutes when Bukayo Saka’s shot was deflected into his own goal by Spurs defender Cristian Romero. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta had made the big decision by keeping David Raya in of goal ahead of Aaron Ramsdale and he justified that faith with two fine saves from Brennan Johson as Spurs went in pursuit of an equaliser. Raya should have done better, however, when Spurs levelled three minutes before half-time. He could only claw away a cross allowing an attack to continue, ending with James Maddison crossing for Son Heung-min to equalise with a deft finish.

Arsenal restored their lead after 54 minutes when Romero was penalised for handball following the intervention of the Video Assistant Referee, Saka scoring from the spot. Spurs, illustrating their new positive approach under manager Ange Postecoglou in his first north London derby, were back on terms almost instantly when Jorginho, as a half-time substitute for the injured Declan Rice, lost possession to Maddison, who played in Son for another cool finish. The headline news before kick-off was Mikel Arteta’s decision to stay with Raya in goal, a move that surely ends the debate about who is Arsenal’s number one keeper, the Spaniard getting the nod ahead of England’s Ramsdale. It was a mixed afternoon for Raya, who made two important interventions but was also culpable for Spurs’ first equaliser when he should have held a cross, allowing Spurs to maintain pressure and score.

For Arsenal, there will be real frustration in being held to a point and one of the key moments came when they were leading 1-0 and Gabriel Jesus caught James Maddison in possession, only to shoot wildly over the top with just Spurs keeper Guglielmo Vicario to beat. Arsenal were never at their most fluent, not helped by losing Rice to injury at half-time, and paid the price when his replacement Jorginho was robbed by Maddison for Spurs’ second goal. The Gunners staged a late show to beat Manchester United but there was no repeat here, even in 10 minutes of added time, and Arteta’s side had to settle for a point against their great rivals.

Chicken Parmesan/Parmigiana Recipe

Chicken Parmesan (also called Chicken Parmigiana) is one of the most loved, most popular AND most ordered chicken recipes in the world. A deliciously crispy coating on the chicken, smothered in a rich homemade tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese!

Catching Up On Some Well Deserved Sleep

The almost 3 day weekend – technically in terms of hours, it’s gonna be that – couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Having worked in the graveyard shift for 2 weeks, my body has taken it’s time to recover and get back to more decent hours. This is why I rarely do this shift at all. I am not young anymore and at 47 the recovery time is longer.

Also, I barely slept during the work days, managing less than 6 hours on a daily basis. 90 minutes to an hour in the later morning and then 4 hours at night before I wake up at 1 am. I was working last Saturday and hence used that day to sleep in a bit. Similarly after this past week, of which I was at the office, I decided to take things slow for the rest of Friday. I left the office at around 10 am, then went to have a leisurely breakfast and large frappe at Starbucks before coming back home by 11:30 am. I did sleep till almost 2 pm. After lunch I watched a movie but by 10 pm I was tired as heck and slept for a while.

Saturday too I was very tired and sleeping in felt like the best choice. However I did wake up at 7 am and in the afternoon I managed an hour’s nap before watching a movie. By night I was once again aching to get to sleep, so much so that by 11 pm I was in between the sheets and snoring to my heart’s content with the tv on. I would have gone out today but I started getting the sniffles and hence even though I had gotten ready to go out I cancelled my plans and stayed in. Napped in the afternoon while trying to watch, yet another movie. The lack of sleep previously has caught up with me.

5 Steps To Throw A Farewell Party For A Colleague

Step 1: See Why They’re Leaving

Of course, there can be several reasons an employee leaves the organization. Knowing that reason is the first step to help you decide what kind of farewell party you want for them. For instance, if the person is leaving because they’ve retired, the farewell should be more retirement-themed. If they’re leaving because of a transfer, the party will call for something different. Decide the theme of the party from the reason for leaving.

Step 2: Decide the Venue 

Once you’ve decided on the theme, see where the party is going to take place. Now, there’s no need to be fancy choosing a venue for the farewell party. The venue can be as simple as your home where you can gather all your favorites. Next, prepare the guest list and send out the invites. You may want to do this in advance because guests need time to prepare for the party.

Step 3: Don’t Forget Refreshments

You’re planning a going-away party and refreshments are a must. How far you want to go up with that is totally up to you. It could be a pizza party or a night of sushi, it all depends on your guests and your budget of course.

Step 4: Keep the Party Alive

Whether it’s a virtualor a physical one, you wouldn’t want your guests to be bored while they’re at the party right? You need to prepare some games for the party. Think maybe a board game, setting up a booth for taking a photo with the guest(s) of honor, or how about seeing old photos of your journey with them and reminiscing the good times? More ideas are given below.

Step 5: Prepare Gifts 

There is no better way to make an employee feel loved than by purchasing them useful goodbye gifts. Gifts for the person who’s going away will go a long way in helping them always remember you. For instance, if they’re moving to a new place, they’ll love a useful gift for their new home.

Pizza Berlusconi : Pizza From Finland With Reindeer Meat

In 2005, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi declared that Finns ate only “marinated reindeer.” He also described the Finnish diet as something he “endured” on a visit to the Nordic nation. Finns responded to the diplomatic faux pas by creating an Italian dish in homage to Berlusconi. And what could be more Italian than pizza? Almost anything, at least compared to “Pizza Berlusconi.”

Kotipizza, based in Vaasa, Finland, created the prime minister’s namesake pizza. It originally featured a rye crust smothered in smoked reindeer, cheese, red onion, and chanterelle mushrooms. Three years after the politician publicly slandered Finland’s culinary heritage, Kotipizza won an international pizza contest held in New York City. Their entry of Pizza Berlusconi even beat Italy.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, called the pizza a “blood revenge” by the Finns. They praised it as innovative and delicious but speculated that it may not sit well with Berlusconi. The newspaper reported that Kotipizza was advertising its Berlusconi pizzas with headlines that read: “97-year-old grandmother bites into Berlusconi” and “Minister stabs Berlusconi with a fork.” The newspaper admitted that the Finns’ anger was justified, especially since Berlusconi’s gaffes reveal his cultural ignorance.

Benefits Of Guest Bloging

What is a Guest Post?

A guest post is an article or piece of content written by someone who is not a regular contributor to a website or blog. Instead, the content is contributed by an external writer, often aiming to promote a particular message or brand.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Now, let’s look at some more benefits of guest blogging:

  • Referral Traffic:
    • Boost referral traffic and content marketing ROI by driving traffic from other reputable sites.
  • Brand Awareness:
    • Introduce your brand to new audiences through content on other sites.
  • Lead Generation:
    • Attract new subscribers and improve lead generation as new readers may visit your site or landing page.
  • Social Proof:
    • Gain credibility when trusted, authoritative sites publish your content.
    • Regular guest posting can position you as an industry expert.
  • SEO Link Building:
    • Obtain backlinks from high-quality sites, a key SEO ranking factor.
    • Quality backlinks are seen as signals by ranking algorithms, improving your site’s position on Google search engine results pages.

Five Tips To Fall Asleep Quicker

1. Have good sleep routine (sleep hygiene)

Having a regular routine helps to improve sleep. It’s sometimes called sleep hygiene. A good sleep routine should include having a set time to start winding down – and a way to relax is important too. Going to bed and getting up at fixed times is another good sleep habit. Ideally, a sleep routine should be the same every day, including weekends.

2. Relax, unwind and try sleep meditation

Remember, your sleep routine starts before you get into bed, so build in time every evening to relax. Avoid electronic devices at least an hour before bed, as mobiles, tablets and computers all throw out blue light that stops sleep. Reading, listening to soft music or a podcast, or sleep meditation can all help if you have trouble sleeping. Try some guided meditation for sleep, like our Beditation relaxation video.

3. Try mindfulness for sleep

Anxiety, worry and stress can affect how well we sleep. Luckily, there are things you can do daily to help manage your worries, like talking to someone you trust or writing in a notebook about your concerns. If you often lie awake worrying, set aside time before bed to make a to-do list for the next day – this can be a good way to put your mind at rest. Using techniques like reframing unhelpful thoughts might also help, which we cover in our self-help CBT techniques section along with other tips.

4. Create the right sleep environment

It’s generally easier to drop off when it’s quiet, dark and cool – although the right sleep environment is personal, so try different things and see what works for you. Silence is golden when it comes to sleep for many of us, so wearing earplugs, putting your phone on silent (or out of the room entirely) can keep things quiet. Good curtains or blinds can help to keep a room dark and avoid unwanted lights by keeping clocks out of view and phones facing down. Make sure your room is the right temperature for you and well ventilated, as a cool room is usually better to sleep in than a hot or stuffy one. Some people also find it helps to play music for sleep, such as ambient sounds like rainfall, gentle music or white noise.

5. Do not force sleep

If you’re lying awake unable to sleep, do no not try to force it. If you’re tired and enjoying the feeling of resting, then sleep may naturally take over. But if you cannot sleep, get up and sit in a comfy place and do something relaxing, like reading a book or listening to quiet music. Only go back to bed when you feel sleepier.

SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD : Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, Georgia, USA

Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most haunted cities in America, and Bonaventure Cemetery is known as one of the most haunted sites within Savannah! Despite the rumored hauntings, Bonaventure is also one of the most picturesque cemeteries in the US. This eerily beautiful Southern Gothic cemetery has been around since the 1800s. It is filled with rows of weathered gravestones resting under 250-year-old live oaks draped with Spanish moss.

It is rumored that people have been buried alive at Bonaventure Cemetery

Before modern technology such as heart monitors, sometimes people in comas with a low pulse rate were mistakenly buried alive. Although it was a rare occurrence, there is proof that this did happen on occasion. As evidence, they have found scratch marks inside of caskets when bodies have been exhumed or ransacked by grave robbers. In order to prevent this from happening, a string would be tied to the finger of the deceased and attached to a bell next to the grave, which is where the phrase “saved by the bell” came from.

The grave of Gracie, the six-year-old ghost, is found here

One of the most famous residents of Bonaventure Cemetery is Gracie Watson, the sweet 6-year-old that supposedly haunts the Regions Bank. Gracie’s parents managed the prestigious Pulaski hotel in Savannah where Gracie was beloved by all the guests. She was known to sing, giggle, smile, dance, and play around the hotel at the delight of its patrons. However, in 1889 when Gracie was only six years old, she fell ill with a fatal case of pneumonia and died just days before Easter. Her parents were utterly distraught and commissioned the famed sculptor, John Waltz, to carve a statue with her exact likeness even down to her favorite dress.

After Gracie’s passing, her mother and other hotel staff claimed to have heard her laughter and singing echoing throughout the halls of the hotel and under the back stairs where she loved to play. The Pulaski Hotel was eventually demolished with a cafe being built in its place. The cafe has since been converted to the Regions Bank on Johnson Square where patrons and workers claim to still hear her laughter. Rumor has it that she plays pranks on unsuspecting people, like pulling makeup out of women’s purses. Some have even seen the apparition of a young girl in 1880s attire wandering around the bank and other locations around Savannah. It is also said that if you take any of the gifts left at her grave then her statue will cry tears of blood.

Bonaventure Cemetery plays a starring role in the book and movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The burial grounds have seen a dramatic increase in tourists since the release of the bestselling novel and subsequent movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The cover of the book features a statue known as Bird Girl that once resided in the cemetery. After fans of the book incessantly trampled the family plot to snap a photo of the statue, the family decided to donate Bird Girl to Savannah’s Telfair Academy Museum where it is safely on display. The statue is not the only tie that the cemetery has to the book.

In the book, the voodoo priestess Minerva routinely performed spells over Danny Hansford’s grave at Bonaventure Cemetery to vindicate Jim Williams of his murder. Discover the truth of a rumored ill-fated love story ending in suicide. One of the most controversial stories is in relation to Corinne Elliott Lawton. Many like to believe the Romeo and Juliet-esque version as it makes for a better story. Legend has it that Corinne was in love with a young man that was below her family’s social standards. Her parents did not approve and forced her into an arranged marriage.

On the eve of her wedding day, instead of living a life without her true love she threw herself into the Wilmington River and drowned. However, published accounts from her mother’s diary tell a different story. She writes that Corinne succumbed to a bout of Yellow Fever after being sick for 10 days and died in her bed while surrounded by family. Many also believe that the statue that was erected in her likeness is wearing shoes which symbolizes that Corinne is not walking with Jesus.

The ash remains of 344 Holocaust victims can be found at Bonaventure Cemetery

The Jewish cemetery within Bonaventure is a beautiful area to visit. There are a few things worth noting in this portion of the cemetery. You’ll notice that many of the headstones are engraved with the picture of two hands touching at thumbs with their middle fingers split in a “V”. If it looks similar to the “live long and prosper” gesture that Mr. Spock used on Star Trek, that is because it is the same gesture. Leonard Nimoy, the actor playing Mr. Spock, is Jewish. He adopted the symbol from the Jewish priests who make this gesture at the end of services in Orthodox synagogues as a traditional Jewish blessing.

Arsenal 4 PPS Eindhoven 0

Arsenal returned to the Champions League in style as they started their first campaign in six years with an impressive win over PSV Eindhoven at Emirates Stadium. The Gunners wrapped up victory in their opening Group B game with a scintillating first half display that saw them race into a 3-0 lead on a rain-soaked night in north London. Bukayo Saka opened the scoring after eight minutes, pouncing on a rebound when PSV keeper Walter Benitez could only push Martin Odegaard’s into the England winger’s path. Saka was involved again when Arsenal doubled their advantage 12 minutes later, laying the ball perfectly into Leandro Trossard’s pass for a smooth low finish after Gabriel Jesus had broken clear.

Jesus was outstanding and thoroughly deserved to add Arsenal’s third seven minutes before half-time with a rising drive that gave Benitez no chance. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta made a host of second-half changes with Sunday’s derby at home to in-form Tottenham in mind, but his side still retained complete control, and Odegaard made it 4-0 with a powerful 20-yard strike with 20 minutes left. Elsewhere in Group B, French side Lens held Sevilla to a 1-1 draw in Spain as they played in their first Champions League match in 20 years. Arsenal had been waiting for this day since 2017, and the home crowd celebrated their return to the Champions League with a thunderous roar before kick-off as the tournament’s anthem rang around Emirates Stadium.

And manager Arteta could hardly have wished for a better outcome as Arsenal dominated from the outset, those two early goals emphasising their superiority over PSV and a giving them a control they never looked like relinquishing. Striker Jesus was a perfect leader of the line, scoring one, helping to create another with a surging break, and also forcing a superb diving save out of keeper Benitez after some outstanding footwork. David Raya was again chosen ahead of Aaron Ramsdale in goal, and while he was hardly examined, he showed again why Arteta rates him so highly by demonstrating safe handling in conditions difficult as well as some excellent distribution with the ball at his feet.

The added bonus for Arteta was that Arsenal’s victory was so comfortable that he was able to make changes early to keep players fresh for that fixture against Spurs on Sunday. Saka, Jesus, Trossard, Declan Rice, and Oleksandr Zinchenko were all given an early night to conserve energies for what is shaping up as one of the biggest games of the Premier League season. The Gunners’ spirits could not be higher after following up their vital win at Everton last weekend with a display full of enough of their trademark fluency to outclass their Dutch opponents.


The first five are here

6. Dogs Make You More Attractive

If you’re looking for a date, it might be time to get a dog. A dog’s presence may make people appear more likable and attractive. In a series of studies, men were more likely to get a woman’s phone number when they had a dog with them. In another study, researchers asked individuals to rate people in photographs. The individuals found that people looked happier and more relaxed when they appeared with a dog. A study by Pet Wingman found that men and women swipe right more often in dating apps on profile photos with dogs. Women benefited more than men with dogs in their profiles.

7. Dogs Make Us More Social

Walking with a dog can make us more approachable and give people a conversation starter. Think about how many times you’ve talked with other people, whether they’re your neighbors or new friends at the dog park. Researchers have found that about 40% of dog owners had an easier time making friends. Dogs can provide the perfect way to get to know strangers and form new friendships. A study at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University concluded that people who have a strong attachment to a pet often feel more connected in their human relationships and their communities.

8. Dogs Are Made to Be Irrestible

There’s a reason why puppies are so irresistible. A dog’s facial features possess an “infant schema.” These “social releasers” can trigger an innate caregiver response in humans. So the next time you can’t stop watching that dog video, know those big eyes and floppy ears are scientifically appealing.

9. Dogs Make Us Happier

Just looking at a dog can lift your spirits. A 2009 study in Japan found that staring into your dog’s eyes can raise your level of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” Besides the general health benefits of owning a dog, dogs can be natural mood boosters. People with AIDS may be less likely to suffer from depression if they own a pet, according to a 2017 study.

10. Dogs Can Have Positive Effects on Seniors

Studies exploring the effects of dogs on seniors found positive results. One study found that pet therapy can improve the cognitive function of residents in long-term care with mental illness. Another study showed significant decreases in agitated behaviors in seniors with dementia, as well as improved social interactions. A dog provides unconditional love and support, which is especially important during tough times. Though people may think we’re taking care of our dogs, it’s mutual. Dogs also take care of us, and science confirms it.

What My Family Does During The Weekend

What my family does during the weekend

Well let’s say it’ a 2 day weekend and I am not going out. And neither are my parents. Yes it is just them and me at home. So mornings are very peaceful; it will be us going about our morning routines. I brush my teeth, wash my face and go to the kitchen for coffee. My parents would also be awake and doing similar things. We also tend to spend a few minutes at the balcony for some fresh air (even if my bedroom window would be open by now). The morning is spent like this – I will be at my desk in my room drinking coffee, then eating breakfast and relaxing at the laptop.

My parent have their ritual and prayers and they have their breakfast at the dining table. The rest of the morning is spent peacefully. By 1pm I am checking what movie I am going to watch in the afternoon. With the maid having helped mom in making lunch, she then leaves and the three of us will have lunch and then they will settle in the front of the tv in the living room, while I grab an apple and/or an orange and then settle in bed to watch said movie. If I am tired then I might also take in a nap.

Evening by 5pm is when were have tea or coffee with an evening snack. Post that I usually take a shower and I will be back at my laptop desk until 8pm when I check what to order and then place orders for dinner on one of the delivery apps. We enjoy our dinner and then they watch tv while I will watch my movies before falling asleep by 12. Sunday is more of the same but I usually buy some fish curry so we can eat that with rice. Boring, safe and comfortable!

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Eight Awesome Facts About The Arctic Fox


The Arctic fox numbers are believed to be at least several hundred thousand in the wild, which are stable and of least concern at present. Based on genetic studies, 8 subspecies of Arctic fox have been described:

  1. Mainland Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus lagopus
  2. Iceland Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus fuliginosus
  3. Greenland Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus groenlandicus
  4. Spitsbergen Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus spitzbergenensis
  5. Hall Island Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus hallensis
  6. Bering Island/Sea Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus beringensis
  7. Pribilof Islands Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus pribilofensis
  8. Ungava Bay (Fort Chimo) Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus ungava


Arctic foxes depend on lemmings as their main food source in inland areas, creating a tight-knit predator-prey relationship between them. Consequently, most of their populations fluctuate between years in response to lemming numbers going up and down, as part of their natural population cycle. While the Arctic fox numbers are stable in their frozen environments, they are still vulnerable to lemming populations crashing at regular intervals.


Arctic foxes are well adapted to living in icy-cold environments, such as the Arctic and alpine tundra of the polar region in the Northern hemisphere. The Arctic fox is also much smaller, stouter and more compact than other members of the Fox family, which helps to reduce heat loss due to lower total body surface area. The thickness of the fur also increases for the winter season to help maintain a stable core body temperature and also survive the harsh, cold conditions of the Arctic. With the ability to physically adapt to survive winter, Arctic foxes never have to hibernate.


Different seasons can mean different climatic conditions and opportunities for the Arctic fox. So its fur colour can change between seasons for thermal insulation as well as to help blend with its immediate surroundings. In the winter, their fur morphs into the iconic, thick white coating. But as summer arrives, snow melts, and Arctic foxes start to shed their long white coat to a shorter, thinner fur, which can come in a variety of colours, from dark and light grey, charcoal brown to bluish brown coating.


Arctic foxes have a darker skin pigmentation—similar to Polar bears—underneath their fur coating. The darker skin colour is better at absorbing and retaining heat, which can be an advantage, especially in colder environments such as the frozen Arctic.


An Arctic fox usually has different tricks up its sleeve when hunting. Lemmings are its favourite prey, but they live in a complex network of tunnel systems buried deep within the snow, protecting them from predators on the ground. So, Arctic foxes carefully listen for lemmings moving or burrowing underneath the snow to pinpoint their location by tilting their heads. Once the prey is located, an Arctic fox can jump several feet in the air and nose dive into the snow to catch its prey. Sometimes, it takes more than a few tries, but it’s the effort that counts.


The survival rate of adult arctic foxes can vary depending on the region, food availability and the number of predators in the area. But usually, they live up to 3-4 years in the wild.


In the wild, food can be hard to find, especially in polar regions during the long winter months. So the Arctic fox diet is often varied including small mammals, such as lemmings and voles, seabirds, waterfowls and grouse, berries, seaweed, eggs, insects and even frozen carcasses. During prey scarcity, arctic foxes will sometimes follow polar bears on their hunting trip to scavenge on any remaining scraps left by the bear.