I Wish I Could Remember The Snow

Have you ever seen snow? How do you feel about it?

I have but I don’t remember it at all. I was 2 & 1/2 or maybe 3 when my parents took me and my sister who was 9 at the time all the way to Newcastle, England. At that time my mom’s second youngest sister and her family lived in Newcastle before moving to Glasgow in Scotland. We also had my mom’s elder brother and his family living in Cardiff, Wales. So one winter vacation my family took a couple of weeks off and decided to go and visit our family in the UK.

I am not sure how much time we actually spent over there; I’d have to go and ask my parents since I was too young to remember anything. However my aunt filled me in a bit especially about our time in Newcastle which was the first and only time that I, or my parents & sister, have ever experienced snow. It was snowing at the time that we went there. My aunt says that little tyke that I was was overly excited at the sight of the falling snow and that I begged to go out in the open.

She said that it wasn’t very cold at the time so she told my mom that it would be ok for me to spend some time out there. So I did, with my sister and cousins and apparently had a blast. And apprently I even tried to get a spoon and eat some of that snow that had piled up before me. Classic kids stuff. Now if only I could remember the feeling.

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Share Your Plans For The New Year

Too early to tell but I am expecting to have a quiet evening in with my parents with some good food and nothing much else. Maybe some alcohol. I dunno what exactly I will do yet but yeah, spend the evening at home with my parents sounds about right. I usually do not go out for New Year’s – I think the last time I did that was back in 2011 or so. Since then I have preferred to stay in.

Mostly though that is because going out can be really expensive. I’m happy if I get a bottle of Pepsi and a large pizza with my favourite toppings. Or maybe a bucket from KFC. But I will check with my parents and see what they want. I will ask my sister and if she is not going anywhere with her family or wants to go out with my parents then I will see if she and my niece can come and join us.  If they can it will be more the merrier. I’ll probably play some music and order some fried rice and Indian dishes like tandoori chicken & butter chicken – stuff like that. Maybe some starters as well.

And I will play some of my favourite music all night long. At 12 after the fireworks go out in the city, I will wish my parents a good night and then I will go to bed and maybe watch a movie. Boring I know but safe and comfortable.

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Some Fun Facts About Candy Canes

For 200 years, the candy cane came only in one color: white. The red stripes we know today did not appear until the turn of the 20th century.

National Candy Cane Day is celebrated on December 26 in the United States.

Considered a seasonal item, 90 percent of candy canes are sold between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Candy canes are the best-selling non-chocolate candy in the month of December.

Most candy canes are around five inches long, containing only about 50 calories and no fat or cholesterol.

The biggest single week for candy cane sales is the second week in December. This is likely because most people decorate their Christmas trees that week.

While the origins of the candy cane are a bit murky, legend has it that they first appeared in hooked form around 1670. Candy sticks themselves were pretty common, but they really took shape when the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany got the bright idea of twisting them to look like shepherd’s hooks. He then handed them out to kids during church services to keep them quiet.

According to the National Confectioners Association, about 1.2 billion candy canes are made annually, and 90 percent of those are sold between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

2022 World Cup Round Of 16 Fixtures

What an eventful World Cup this one has been. Asian and African sides produced stunning results in Qatar one of the most thrilling group stages at a World Cup came to an end on December 2. Some regulars have gone through but some big names have fallen. For the first time since 1994, no team won all three group games. 4-time champions Germany were shown the door even as they did not enter the tournament as favourites.It was the second successive time Germany exited the World Cup in the group stage. Semi-finalists in Russia in 2018, Belgium were ousted as their golden generation flopped at the biggest stage in Qatar.

For the first time in the history of the tournament, as many as 3 Asian sides (AFC included) – Japan, South Korea and Australia, made it to the knockout stages. USA, who did not qualify for Russia World Cup Finals, showcased they are a much-improved side, joining England to the Round of 16 at the expense of Iran, who fought hard in Qatar despite all the trouble back home. Saudi Arabia produced the biggest upset of the World Cup in the group stage, shocking Lionel Messi’s Argentina in their opening match. But Argentina managed to win their next two games and qualify while the Saudis got knocked out. Surprisingly Japan lost to Costa Rica but made it to the Round of 16 after topping Group E. They defeated former champions Spain and Germany to flaunt their prowess in Qatar.

Senegal and Morocco flew the African flag high in Qatar, reaching the Round of 16.  South Korea shocked Portugal 2-1. Uruguay defeated Ghana in a grudge match 2-0 but they were not able to progress to the Round of 16. Cameroon became the first African team to beat Brazil in a World Cup match while Serbia gave Switzerland a run for their money. Netherlands look good with 2 wins and a draw but they lack major firepower and energy. Spain started out well but then drew & lost their last 2 games. Senegal joins them in the round of 16. France look really strong but in their 3rd game they made some changes and lost, controversially to Tunisia who ended up not qualifying anyway.

Juventus FC Is In A Whole Lot Of Trouble

Chaos in Turin as Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved are among those to have stepped down from high-profile posts at the Allianz Stadium. In a remarkable turn of events, the entire board of directors at Serie A giants Juventus resigned on November 28, 2022.  It comes after Juventus’s financial statements underwent scrutiny by prosecutors and the Italian market regulator Consob in recent months for alleged false accounting and market manipulation. The company has denied any wrongdoing. Juve have posted record losses of €254.3 million (£219m/$264m) for 2021-22 and a shareholders’ meeting that was due to take place on November 23 was initially pushed back to December 27. It has, however, been revealed that all members of the club’s board are now stepping down, with president Andrea Agnelli and vice-president Pavel Nedved among those to be vacating their posts.

That decision has been taken following an investigation into alleged false accounting and communication on behalf of the Serie A heavyweights, with CONSOB – the body in charge of supervising activity on the Italian stock market – asking for clarification on the Bianconeri’s balance sheet. The Turin Prosecutor is also investigating salary payments that were supposedly deferred during the Covid-19 pandemic. Authorities are seeking to prove that Juve did not give up four months’ worth of payments, as was claimed at the time, and that only one month was given up, with wages continuing to be paid through a series of private agreements.

In May and June 2020, 23 players signed agreements that would see their respective salaries reduced in a bid to cut costs during a testing period financially for clubs around the world – with games played out in empty stadiums as supporters were prevented from attending. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus stars were paid “in the black” to allow the players and the club to avoid taxes, while statements were allegedly falsified in order to make out that books had been balanced.

Your Personal Holiday Wish List?

Your personal holiday wish list

One of the things that really gets my goose is that we here in India do not get a proper holiday time away from work. Even though I am not religious and do not have any affinity towards the Christmas/Hannukah period, it is the end of the calendar year. We follow this calendar and make January as the beginning of the year and we celebrate December as the end of the year/365 days culminating with the only day that I actually properly observe i.e New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day!

We should get a few days off and everyone should get a few days off. Rotate it so that everyone gets a period of 10 days off at the end/beginning of the year so that we can unwind, spend some time with family and go on a little break holiday if we want to. Why the fuck do Indian corporate companies not get the time off? Ofcourse, our work is outsourced. We need to get the rest of the world get their time off so they can go and enjoy with their families and friends, while we do the work for them.

My simple wish is that we all get a few days off so that we can put our feet up, drink some drinks, eat some eats and spend time with our families. I’d like for that to happen, not just for me but for everyone. Forget about the reduction and discounts of buying stuff and gifting people – you can do that as well but what is more important is the downtime and bonding that can happen due to that.

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Work Desktop Now @ Office, Laptop Gets Her Table Back

So thus ends another era. I remember for many years I had wished to be able to work from home and experience that. Never thought I would get the opportunity unless I started my own business or did writing or something similar which I could work from in the comfort of my own home. Since I wasn’t into pure IT programming or Network administration etc. And then the Pandemic hit us and a whole lot of us started working from home with systems provided by the office.

I lost the desk space that I enjoyed at home as my small desk that I usually used for my laptop and speakers was not occupied by the large 21 inch monitor and CPU from work. That is the one thing that I do not mind about going back to work. I have now got my space back and I have moved my personal laptop from the little fold-able laptop table that I would prop up on my bed to it’s proper place. Whenever I wanted to use my laptop I would use it on the bed and when I wanted to sleep or lie on my bed, I would pick up the laptop table and laptop and move it to the floor.

Now I do not have to do that anymore. So I wiped the dust off my work desktop, unhooked everything and took the help of the neighbours kids to bring the monitor & cpu downstairs and into my waiting Uber. The keyboard and mouse I tucked into my laptop bag and I went to the office. I had to sign the devices in, have them verified, sanitize them and then have someone from the tech team set it up for me. That took almost an hour and I was back at work.

RIP Christine McVie

Christine McVie,  English musician and singer and principally known as a member of the band Fleetwood Mac, which she joined in 1970, as a singer and the band’s keyboardist and wrote some of their most famous songs, has died aged 79. The British singer-songwriter was behind hits including Little Lies, Everywhere, Don’t Stop, Say You Love Me and Songbird. She died peacefully at a hospital in the company of her family, a statement said. McVie left Fleetwood Mac after 28 years in 1998 but returned in 2014. She also released three solo albums. Her lyrics focused on love and relationships.

In 1998, McVie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Fleetwood Mac, and received the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. The same year, after almost 30 years with the band, she opted to leave and lived in semi-retirement for nearly 15 years. She released a solo album in 2004. In September 2013 she appeared on stage with Fleetwood Mac at the O2 Arena in London, before rejoining the band in 2014 prior to their On with the Show tour. In 2006, McVie received a Gold Badge of Merit Award from Basca, now The Ivors Academy. In 2014, she received the Ivor Novello Award for Lifetime Achievement from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and was honoured with the Trailblazer Award at the UK Americana Awards in 2021.[10][11] She was also the recipient of two Grammy Awards.

Born Christine Perfect, McVie married Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie, and joined the group at the start of the 1970s. Although McVie was introduced to the piano when she was four, she did not study music seriously until the age of 11, when she was reintroduced to it by Philip Fisher, a local musician and school friend of McVie’s elder brother, John. Continuing her classical training until age 15, McVie shifted her musical focus to rock and roll when her brother, John, came home with a Fats Domino songbook. She asked to join her early music friends in a band called Chicken Shack as singer/keyboardist in 1967 and recorded two albums with them. She left the band in 1969 after marrying Fleetwood Mac bassist John McVie a year earlier.

She married John McVie in 1968 with Peter Green as John’s best man. The couple divorced in 1976, but remained friends and maintained a professional partnership.  During the production of Rumours she had an affair with Fleetwood Mac’s lighting engineer, Curry Grant, which inspired the song “You Make Loving Fun” From 1979 to 1982, she dated Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. McVie married Portuguese keyboardist and songwriter Eddy Quintela on 18 October 1986. Quintela and McVie collaborated on a number of songs together, including “Little Lies”. They divorced in 2003, and Quintela died in 2020. In 1990, she moved to a Grade II-listed Tudor manor house in Wickhambreaux, near Canterbury in Kent, to which she retired after leaving Fleetwood Mac in 1998, and worked on her solo material but moved to London in 2014.

A Look Back At The 2014 World Cup In Brazil

With the 2014 World Cup returning to Brazil, the country had much to prove since it had suffered two consecutive quarterfinal exits in the preceding competitions. The 2014 World Cup did not disappoint. During the tournament, players found the back of the net a whopping 171 times, matching the 1998 record in France. Many would argue that the 2014 World Cup was the best one since the 1982 iteration. The tournament was chock-full of controversy, drama, brilliance, and heartbreak. The first week of the 2014 World Cup brought about the biggest upset. Spain’s unexpected demolition was the talk of football nerds for years to come. Spain entered the competition after bagging the Euro in 2008 and 2012, with the 2010 World Cup between them. A double defeat by the Netherlands and Chile, took Spain out in the first round.

Fans were left with their jaws on the floor when Suarez bit Chiellini in their final group stage match. Uruguay won 1-0, but Suarez’s (not so) unexpected bite overshadowed the game’s outcome. Costa Rica stunned everyone when they beat Uruguay 3-1 in their opening match. Brazil’s chance to wipe out the Maracanazo memories from 1950, where they lost in the final, came in the 2014 World Cup. They had spent years building themselves for the 2014 tournament. Unbelievably, they were routed by Germany in a 7-1 defeat. Germany scored four of the goals within six minutes. The tale of national redemption for Brazil turned into one of humiliation in the 2014 World Cup. The drama surrounding Germany’s win over Brazil almost overshadowed Miloslav Klose’s fete of beating Ronaldo’s 15 World Cup goals.

More than one billion fans tuned in to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil final. In addition, the competition reached a global in-home television audience of 3.2 billion people, according to final figures from FIFA and Kantar Media. An estimated 280 million people worldwide watched matches online or on a mobile device, which shows that more and more fans are embracing new technology for sports content. The 2014 FIFA World Cup broke several TV audience records in key international markets, including the United States and Germany. Six hundred ninety-five million people watched the final between Argentina and Germany, up 12 percent from the 2010 final. Over 1.013 billion people watched the final, including those who watched for more than a minute at home and away from home.

What’s In Your Bag?

I’m not a lady so the bag in question is a laptop bag. And I do not carry a laptop in it!

Well it is for work and since they have given us desktops for work, we usually do not use laptops. However since March 2020 and the lockdowns, I was given my work desktop to keep at home so whenever I have gone in to work, I have used a laptop that I take from the tech team and that is allocated to our department to use for when we are in a bind. Like yesterday.

But yes when I do go to the office I will have a 1 litre bottle of water as hydration is very important. And from now on I will carry an apple with me so I can snack on it post dinner, maybe when I feel a bit peckish. I will also have my lanyard with my id & access card and a client device in it as well.

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What Would Be A Dream Job For Me?

What Is Your Dream Job?

I remember writing a similar post sometime last year. And I think that I would love to have that if possible. I would also like to have other types of jobs like getting paid – well – for watching movies and tv shows and writing about them and giving my 2 cents and review on them. Anything that I can enjoy as much as I do these things will be awesome.

Music too. I love the music that I have in my collection and similar types of music. How about football as well? Scifi! These are all things that I really enjoy watching and experiencing and I would just love to immerse myself in them wholly not just for pleasure (and to probably keep myself sane) but to also make a lot of money. That would be so awesome.

In actuality anything that keeps me working from home on a permanent basis is the dream. I would like to get a job that lets me stay at home, send me a work laptop so I can set things up at home (I wouldn’t want to use my personal laptop for a company or business that I do not own) and then leave me be.

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Morocco’s Goalkeeper Change Drama At The World Cup

Morocco goalkeeper Yassine Bounou mysteriously disappeared before kickoff of his team’s shocking 2-0 World Cup win over Belgium on Sunday. Bounou lined up with the Morocco team for the national anthems then went to speak to coach Walid Regragui, who embraced him and turned to speak to his reserve keeper. Munir El Kajoui then ran onto the field in time to be included in the pre-match team photo and didn’t allow a goal as Morocco beat second-ranked Belgium.

While there was no immediate explanation of Bounou’s absence from the Morocco team or match officials at Al Thumama Stadium, Moroccan TV channel 2M said on its official Twitter account that he had felt dizzy right before kickoff and asked to be replaced. The 31-year-old Bounou, who was born in Canada, is Morocco’s No. 1 goalkeeper and plays for Spanish club Sevilla. He played in Morocco’s 0-0 draw with Croatia in the opening round of group games. Images from the stadium showed Bounou slumped over with his hands braced on his knees.

The last minute change of keeper left many fans puzzled, while El Kajoui was thrown right into the fire with Belgium threatening to score in the fourth minute. Belgium captain Eden Hazard had set up Michy Batshuayi, but his shot from a tight angle was calmly stopped by El Kajoui. Incidentally, BBC commentators took 38 minutes to notice Morocco changed goalkeepers just before kick-off and repeatedly called Munir Mohamedi the wrong name.

Not At All What I Imagined It To Be

Is your life what you imagined?

Not at all. I never imagine when I was younger that I would ever be a lonely 46 year old who is overweight and sad. I never imagined that I would have the health issues that I have and be afraid of going out even if it is just to go get a haircut and have a lunch out with a friend. I never imagined that my life would be mostly confirmed within the four walls of a bedroom in a smallish apartment that I share with my aged parents.

Job wise it has been stuck in a rut as well since the past 7 years and I am feeling burned out and frustrated with things at the office. I find myself getting pissed off more and more with the utter nonsense that they expect us to do and each year it just keeps piling up and I’ve kinda reached the end of my tether. It is high time that I look out for something else.

I hope to find something else soon, something that will left me work permanently from home, or my issues to clear up right away. I can’t go on like this for much longer as I feel depressed and tired. My only escape is the music and music that I watch and the dreams that I have.

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