Will Quebec City Get Another Chance At An NHL Franchise Team?

As the NHL’s most financial struggling team the Arizona Coyotes moves to Salt Lake City Utah and become a new name and new team after the NHL Board of Governors voted unanimously Thursday to approve a $1.2 billion sale from Alex Meruelo to Utah Jazz owners Ryan and Ashley Smith, the city & fan base that is most deserving of a franchise is still waiting in Quebec City. We have seen cities like Las Vegas & Seattle get an expansion team in the NHL in recent years before Quebec. We have seen the Atlanta Thrashers be sold and moved to Winnipeg Jets where they are thriving.

Formed in 1972 as part of the now-defunct World Hockey Association, the Quebec Nordiques had been losing money for years. It had been originally owned by a San Francisco group as the San Francisco Sharks but when the investors failed to come up with the necessary financing it had been hastily sold to a group of Quebec City investors. After the WHA collapsed the team moved over to the NHL in 1979. What the Nordiques lacked was a fan-base. Quebec City was the smallest market in the NHL and the second-smallest major-league city in North America. Only Green Bay, Wisconsin; home to the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, was smaller. Though the Nordiques had the loyalty of local hockey fans, they weren’t enough to keep the team viable in a rapidly changing hockey environment.

The Nordiques inability to expand their following was largely the result of Quebec City‚Äôs status as a monolingual francophone city. With no privately-owned English-language radio stations and only one privately-owned English-language television station, there was little opportunity for the team to broaden its reach. he near-total lack of English-language media limited the Nordiques’ appeal to the rest of the continent and made Anglophone players wary of playing for them. As the team continued to lose money, its owners begged for a bailout from Quebec‚Äôs provincial government. Premier Jacques Parizeau turned the request down flat. No politician was prepared to risk subsidizing a sports organization that paid its players multimillion-dollar salaries.

Finally in May 1995, right after the Nordiques were eliminated from post-season play, Nordiques CEO Marcel Aubut announced that he had no other choice but to accept an offer from COMSAT Entertainment Group, owner of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets. COMSAT moved the team to Denver where it was renamed the Colorado Avalanche. Though the Nordiques franchise and Aubut himself never lost money on the team, Aubut feared losing money and sold the team before the possibility became a reality. The sale price was enough to put a $15 million payout in Aubut’s pocket. Things are different now and Quebecor, a large Canadian diversified media and telecommunications company serving Québec based in Montreal, are looking to bring a team back to Quebec City

Quebec City also has a modern arena that needs a team to fill its seats, and we know full well that there’s a deeply-ingrained hockey culture there that would rush to support an NHL team. We also know that there’s an uphill climb for Quebec City when you strictly look at its population,  Quebec City’s city population of approximately 550,000 would be the smallest of any NHL market, while the metropolitan population of more than 800,000 would be the second smallest. Quebec is a smaller locale, but, like the Winnipeg Jets, they have a built-in, ready-to-go fan base that undoubtedly would have better attendance than many current NHL markets.

And yet Salt Lake City got a franchise!

FEDEX SCAM CALLS : Scammers Pretending To Be From FedEX Or Other Couriers

Hello I just received a SCAM call by some guy pretending to be a rep for FedEx International based out of Mumbai. The call was routed via a route IVR that said press 1 to speak in English and 2 to speak in Hindi I got connected to some guy who said that there was an issue with one of my package from FedEx. I was expecting a couple of packages from Amazon and usually they come via Amazon Logistics but from time to time I do get a package from some 3rd party seller who uses Delhivery or DHL. So I thought that this was one of them but international?

It has been ages since I placed an order from abroad. So I told him that I wasn’t expecting anything from an international destination when he said that it as a package that I had sent. Having not shipped anything to anyone, I told him that it wasn’t me as I haven’t sent anything via FedEx. He then said that it as through the FedEx office in Mumbai. I told him that was impossible as I had not been to Mumbai in over 40 years, 43 atleast! So he says the issue or the claim : a package containing some “illegal items” has been confiscated by Indian customs. On saying that I haven’t sent anything, he says then my Aadhar has been leaked and someone has been using my details to use it for such nefarious purposes.

As I was suspicious, I was checking Google for FedEx Scam an found the same details mentioned as in my call. My suspicions now confirmed I then spent 2 minutes spewing the finest swear words aka FOUL MOUTH TIRED aka FOUR LETTER WORDS at this despicable scum sucking excuse of a human, I then disconnected the call. Fuck him and his scam and people just be aware!

A Personal Update! 25th May, 2024

So after my hospitalization and 3 day rest at home – just resting, watching a few movies and some tv shows and sleeping a little more than usual. After that I started work from last Wednesday doing an early morning shift. So I would wake up at 4 am and after coffee, and a visit to the loo, I login for the day and train a batch of 16 new hire folks. Best thing about this shift is that I am done at 1:30 pm and have the rest of the day to myself.

So I did that for 3 days and then it was the weekend. More movies and coffee and tea followed by a nice dinner on Saturday night. Sunday was peaceful as well. Monday morning I worked from home and then from Tuesday I worked at the office. I am now working an afternoon to evening shift, 1:30 pm to 9:30 pm. So I go to the office, trying to reach by 1:15 pm and have lunch as soon as I reach there. Usually it is a sandwich or maybe some instant noodles with eggs.

I have a new training batch from this past Wednesday and have been busy but it finishes quickly as we are at the office for only 8 hours, with an hour break. Things are going smoothly. I had a doctor’s appointment today and after that I went to Starbucks for a coffee frape before lunch back at home.

Benefits Of Eating Cucumbers

Cucumber is a nutritious fruit with a high water content. Eating cucumber may help lower blood sugar, prevent constipation, and support weight loss. To maximize cucumber’s health benefits, eat the peel, too. Though commonly thought to be a vegetable, cucumber is a fruit.

1. Cucumbers are nutrient-rich

Cucumbers are low in calories but high in many important vitamins and minerals. One 10.62 ounce (301 gram) unpeeled, raw cucumber contain approximately:

  • Calories:¬†45
  • Total fat:¬†0.3 grams
  • Carbs:¬†11 grams
  • Protein:¬†2 grams
  • Fiber:¬†1.5 grams
  • Vitamin C:¬†8 grams
  • Vitamin K:¬†49 micrograms
  • Magnesium:¬†39 micrograms
  • Potassium:¬†442 milligrams
  • Manganese:¬†0.2 milligrams

Although the typical serving size is about one-third of a cucumber, eating a standard portion would provide about one-third of the nutrients above. Cucumbers also have a high water content. They’re made up of about 96% water. To maximize their nutrient content, cucumbers should be eaten unpeeled. Peeling them reduces the amount of fiber, as well as certain vitamins and minerals.

2. Cucumbers contain antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that block oxidation, a chemical reaction that forms highly reactive atoms with unpaired electrons known as free radicals. The accumulation of these harmful free radicals can lead to several types of chronic illness. Oxidative stress caused by free radicals has been associated with cancer and heart, lung, and autoimmune diseases. Fruits and vegetables, including cucumbers, are especially rich in beneficial antioxidants that may reduce the risk of these conditions.

3. Cucumbers promote hydration

Water is crucial to your body’s function, playing numerous important roles. It involves processes like temperature regulation and transporting waste products and nutrients. Proper hydration can affect everything from physical performance to metabolism. While you meet most of your fluid needs by drinking water or other liquids, you may get as much as 40% of your water intake from food. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, can be a good water source in your diet. Because cucumbers are about 96% water, they are especially effective at promoting hydration and can help you meet your daily fluid needs.

4. Cucumbers may aid in weight loss

Cucumbers could potentially help you lose weight in a few different ways. First of all, they are low in calories. Each one-cup (104-gram) serving contains 16 calories, while an entire 11-ounce (300-gram) cucumber contains 45 calories. This means you can eat plenty of cucumbers without packing on the extra calories that lead to weight gain. Cucumbers can add freshness and flavor to salads, sandwiches, and side dishes and may be used as a replacement for higher-calorie alternatives. Furthermore, the high water content of cucumbers could aid in weight loss as well.

5. Cucumbers may help lower blood sugar levels

Several animal and test-tube studies have found that cucumbers may help reduce blood sugar levels and prevent some complications of diabetes. A 2010 animal study induced diabetes in mice and supplemented them with cucumber peel extract. Cucumber peel reversed most of the diabetes-associated changes and caused a decrease in blood sugar. In addition, one 2016 test-tube study found that cucumbers may be effective at reducing oxidative stress and preventing diabetes-related complications. Further research is needed to determine how cucumbers may affect human blood sugar.

6. Cucumbers may support regular bowel movements

Dehydration is a major risk factor for constipation, as it can alter your water balance and make the passage of stool difficult. Cucumbers are high in water and promote hydration. Staying hydrated can improve stool consistency, prevent constipation, and help maintain regularity. Moreover, cucumbers contain fiber, which helps regulate bowel movements. In particular, pectin, the soluble fiber found in cucumbers, can help increase bowel movement frequency.

5 More Tips For New WordPress Users

1. Use a Custom Homepage

By default, WordPress shows your latest posts on the homepage of your website. You can change that and use any page as your site’s homepage. First, you need to create a new page in WordPress, and you can name this page Home. Next, you will need to create another page, and let’s call this page Blog, as you will use it to display your blog posts.

Now go to¬†Settings ¬Ľ Reading¬†page in your WordPress admin and under the ‚ÄėFront page displays‚Äô option and switch to ‚ÄėA static page‚Äô.

After that, you can select the pages you just created as your home and blog pages.

2. Install Google Analytics in WordPress

Google Analytics is one of the must-have tools for WordPress site owners. It allows you to see where your users are coming from and what they are doing on your website. It will only start tracking your website users after you install it. That’s why it is important to have it set up when you launch your website. This way, you’ll have all the historical data to track and compare your website’s growth. The best way to install Google Analytics is by using the MonsterInsights plugin. It is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and shows beautiful reports right inside your WordPress admin area.

Simply install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. For more details, see our tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin. Upon activation, the plugin will walk you through the setup. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup. For detailed instructions, see our step-by-step guide on how to install Google Analytics in WordPress.

3. Password Protect WordPress Admin Directory

The WordPress admin directory is where you perform all administrative tasks on your website. It is already password-protected, as users are required to enter a username and password before they can access the admin area. However, by adding another layer of authentication, you can make it difficult for hackers to gain access to your WordPress site.

4. Show Images in Rows and Columns

By default, when you add multiple images to a WordPress post, they would appear right next to each other or on top of each other. This does not look very good because your users will have to scroll a lot to see all of them. This can be solved by displaying images in a grid layout. You can use the Gallery block to display images in a grid of rows and columns. You can also use the columns block to display images side by side. If you want to display an image next to the text, then you can try Text and Media block.

5. Allow Users to Subscribe to Comments

Normally, when users leave a comment on your website, they will have to manually visit the same article again to see if you or other users replied to comments. Wouldn’t it be better if users were able to get email notifications about new comments on your posts? Here is how to add this feature to your website.

Simply install and activate the¬†Subscribe to Comments Reloaded¬†plugin. Upon activation, you need to visit¬†Settings ¬Ľ Subscribe to Comments to configure the plugin settings.

Things I Cannot Do Without Modern Technology

11 things you will not be able to do without modern technology.

1. I wouldn’t be able to order food and groceries with such ease and with such variety and have it delivered to my door.

2. I wouldn’t be able to get medicines delivered to me without having to go out and buy it from a pharmacy.

3. Buy things online – from toiletries to shirts to underwear to electronics to almost everything else.

4. Booking cabs for rides around the city. So easy when you have 4 to 5 apps for it..

5. Watch almost all the movies and tv shows that I want to watch either streaming or getting the dvds

6. Pay bills, transfer money and get my banking done online while I sit in my bedroom in my underwear.

7. Listen to music – getting more songs than I can every manage to get if I was just using cassettes or cds. The options are so many.

8. Make a lot of friends and people who have the same interests and likes as I do and then stay in touch with old friends as well.

I couldn’t think of the next 3 but I am sure that I will come back and update this list if I can think of them.

Prompt from 31 Blog Post Ideas for May from The Frangipani Creative

10 Fun Facts About Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Five Guys Fun Fact #1

The first Five Guys location opened in 1986 in Arlington, Va. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Five Guys restaurants in 47 states and Canada.

Five Guys Fun Fact #2

The name is in reference to¬†founder Jerry Murrell’s five sons, Jim, Matt, Chad, Ben, and Tyler, who all still help run the company today.

Five Guys Fun Fact #3

There are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys.

Five Guys Fun Fact #4

People with peanut allergies, beware! In addition to complimentary peanuts offered at the counters of each location, Five Guys food is cooked in 100 percent peanut oil.

Five Guys Fun Fact #5

Five Guys means it when they say no delivery. Despite complaints from high up government officials, the fast food franchise once refused to deliver an order of 15 burgers to the Pentagon. To make it clear, the restaurant invested in a 22-foot sign that read¬†“ABSOLUTELY NO DELIVERY.”

Five Guys Fun Fact #6

Former NBA player and sports icon¬†Shaquille O’Neal owns 155 Five Guys restaurants, making up about 10 percent of all of the franchise locations.

Five Guys Fun Fact #7

Five Guys sold more than 300 locations within the first 18 months offering franchise opportunities in 2003. To date, the chain is considered one of the fastest growing franchises in the United States.

Five Guys Fun Fact #8

Former Washington Redskins kicker Mark Moseley is the full-time Director of Franchise Development at Five Guys.

Five Guys Fun Fact #9

Five Guys¬†came into existence after founders Jerry and Janie Murrell told their sons to either “”start a business or go to college.” They elected to take the business route, and put their college tuition toward opening the first location.

Five Guys Fun Fact #10

Five Guys tested 16 different kinds of mayonnaise before deciding on the recipe served at all of their locations.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs : Conference Finals 2024

So we are now down to 4. The Conference finals are upon us, starting tomorrow as the 4 finalists face off against their conference rivals. After last night’s game 7 win for the Edmonton Oilers, we now know who are the four finals that will face off for a right to play in the finals and contest for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Edmonton having won a tough series against the Western Conference leaders the Vancouver Canucks, having to had come back twice from trailing in the series will face off against the Dallas Stars. The Stars had it a bit more easier winning 4-2 against the Colorado Avalanche.

In the West the New York Rangers, who were the points leaders in the regular season, had it easier than anyone, resting since the 17th of May having seen off the Carolina Hurricane 4-2. A day later the Florida Panthers defeated the Boston Bruins 4-2 and will now face off each other in the conference finals. I think the Rangers are really strong and will be difficult to beat but I hope Edmonton wins the Cup.

Arsenal 2 Everton 1

Arsenal missed out on a first Premier League title since 2004 despite beating Everton as Manchester City took the glory. To be crowned champions, the Gunners needed to beat the Toffees and hope City failed to win against West Ham. Arsenal suffered a setback when Idrissa Gueye’s deflected free-kick put Everton in front, although Takehiro Tomiyasu equalised three minutes later. While Arsenal did eventually hold up their end of the bargain with Kai Havertz’s late winner, ultimately City’s victory over West Ham took matters out of their hands.

Phil Foden’s early double for City at Etihad Stadium effectively ended the lingering hopes Arsenal had of a first title in 20 years. The Gunners were further frustrated as Everton took the lead in north London despite the home side’s dominance. After Thomas Partey fouled Dwight McNeil 25 yards out, Gueye’s free-kick took a huge deflection off the forehead of Declan Rice and flew into the net past the wrong-footed David Raya. Arsenal responded quickly, Tomiyasu equalising with a fine low finish from the edge of the area following a pull-back from Martin Odegaard. Havertz and Emile Smith Rowe both struck the woodwork in the second half, as belief visibly drained at the end of a long, losing battle for silverware.

Arsenal did find the winner, however, although it came in controversial circumstances. After Havertz tucked the ball in from close range, the video assistant referee recommended that the goal should be disallowed for a Gabriel Jesus handball in the build-up. But after reviewing the footage at the side of the pitch, referee Michael Oliver allowed the goal. There were even widespread suggestions that West Ham had pulled level, with fans caught on camera celebrating a phantom Hammers equaliser. Some supporters were even asking journalists at Emirates Stadium for confirmation of the real score in Manchester. Those celebrations turned to defiance when Rodri restored City’s two-goal advantage.

Pump – Aerosmith

Pump is the tenth studio album by American rock band Aerosmith. It was released on September 12, 1989, by Geffen Records. The album peaked at No. 5 on the US charts, and was certified septuple platinum by the RIAA in 1995. It also has certified sales of seven million copies in the U.S. to date, and is tied with its successor¬†Get a Grip¬†as Aerosmith’s second best-selling studio album in the U.S. (Toys in the Attic leads with nine million). The album was the fourth best-selling album of the year 1990. In the UK, it was the second Aerosmith album to be certified Silver (60,000 units sold) by the¬†British Phonographic Industry, achieving this in September 1989.

Pump¬†was the second of three sequentially recorded Aerosmith albums to feature producer¬†Bruce Fairbairn¬†and engineers Mike Fraser and Ken Lomas at¬†Little Mountain Sound Studios. The song starts out with the energetic Young Lust before going into one of my favourites of the band – F.I.N.E. which should have been the name of the album but whatever. The song title is an acronym for “Fucked Up,¬†Insecure,¬†Neurotic, and¬†Emotional”, as stated in the album’s liner notes.¬† Its raunchy lyrics focus on youth angst and lasciviousness, and the verses feature the line “I’m ready” after each line, suggesting¬† sexual arousal, or being “ready” for sex. Tongue-in-cheek lyrics are prevalent, including “she’s got the¬†Cracker Jack, now all I want’s the prize”, “I got the right key baby, but the wrong keyhole”, “I shove my tongue right between your cheeks”, etc.

Going Down/Love In An Elevator is a fun song with typical glee sung by Steven Tyler and co about well, according to Tyler himself ¬†based on an actual experience where he was making out with a woman in an elevator and the doors opened. With a raunchy music video to boot! We move on to the harder Monkey On My Back which I understand is about beating a drug addiction. Great song but then we go on to what I think is the very best song that the band has ever composed. It’s Janie’s Got A Gun which describes a young woman planning her revenge for childhood abuse. Clearly this is a fun and awesome tune and mostly upbeat despite the dark lyrics and implication. It won the band a 1990¬†Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

Then we have Dulcimer Stomp which segue’s into the danceable The Other Side, which is about finding a new love and moving on from a toxic relationship. My Girl is an upbeat ditty while Don’t Get Mad/Get Even is more down low blues influenced about taking revenge for getting cheated even. Hoodoo/Voodoo Medicine Man is a similar drum beat heavy – almost hypnotic ending with the drums. And finally we have the power balled What It Takes which was released as the 3rd single. There is even accordion in it and it’s probably one of the top 5 ballads released by the band.

Overall its and excellent album and it received mostly positive reception, and has since been called “a high-water mark of the glam metal era”, that “stands toe to toe against Aerosmith’s undisputed mid-’70s classics.” Pump is first Aerosmith album that I bought back in 1991 when I was 15. I had previously only heard Angel and on hearing samples of Dude Looks Like A Lady and then the music video for Janie’ Got A Gun, I was hooked to the band. I’d call this one my joint favourite Aerosmith album along with 1993’s Get A Grip. I rate this album a 9 outta 10!

What If We All Had To Leave The Earth And Settle On New Worlds

I’ve wondered for a very long time what it would be like to be part of the generation of humans who had to leave the earth behind and settle on different planets in another star system. What an exodus that would be! Imagine the work that would have to be put in to ensure that all the living humans, animals & birds are tracked and moved into large spaceships that serve as our home for the duration of the journey that it would take for us to travel from earth to the new planet or planets.

Our current population is 8 billion! We don’t have the technology to transport living beings at the moment. Let’s say that we can manage to get the technology down and can create large spaceships the size of huge metropolitan cities with homes, gardens, can grow food and create water supply for all the creatures living on them. We would have already colonize a few moon including our own and possibly Mars by then and have some experience on moving large groups of people and animals. I think. So now, the ships are built and I suppose we have to do it in waves and it would take several decades before every living creature can be shipped from here and reach the new planets we will call home.

So let’s say it happens in waves with maybe 50 such ships in each wave and each ships have humans with their pets in one section and in segregate sections the birds and animals are housed. Insects and creepy crawlies aren’t brought along. Once they reach the new planet/planets, houses/apartments are built quickly with our new advanced technology so that people can start living there. The bird and animals an let free to live in areas of the wilderness and thrive in the new worlds.

After a small gap of a few weeks, the second wave leaves and so on and forth and it’s finally the last couple of waves that are left and they are getting ready. I imagine myself being a part of this wave and being part of the few million humans left and are ensuring that all my family members are grouped together in one of these massive city ships and that we and our pets are among the million plus in one of those ships. In all these ships we have a mix of the rich and the less rich in them and even the homeless. Imagine being part of the team that helps to gather these people and transport them to the pickup points where they are shuttled to the big ships.

I imagine that as the last few humans are waiting in line to be shuttled the humans who are managing things, look for the few animals that still remain. A few wild animal are round up, some birds and small tree dwelling animals are caught in cages and taken to be transported to the ships and in their enclosed sections of the ships. Finally we have some stray kittens, cats, puppies and dogs to chase and capture and I imagine myself being part of this team. Some humans, thinking that they would be better off without having some animal pets with them, abandoned some of these cats and dogs as well along with the strays.

So in our large hover vehicles the size of huge mobile homes we chase these cats & dogs and gather the kittens and puppies along with the older ones, as they run scared thinking we are out to hurt them. We scoop them up, bring them in and get them cleaned and handed over to those of us who are doing a quick cleaning and medical checkup to make sure that they are free of any dirt and diseases. I personally have handed over a couple of cats and a few dogs, including a couple of puppies. These two sisters were filthy with some dirt on them so I give them to a colleague who is on bath duty. We are stopped on the road running a quick scan to see if we have any more bio signs of animals.

Finding no more bio signs, my team signs off and we contact the large ship we are going to go to and let them know that our areas are animal free. By this time all the dogs & cats are clean and settled in on beds as we head off to the ship. My two pups are cleaned up and they are getting a medical scan from the med tech. She says that they are both free of any maladies and are healthy and clean, so I scoop the both and go to where I sit. I place them on a blanket next to and give them some food and water. Bellies full, they now want rubs and pets and are licking my hands and face. A colleague looks at the 3 of us and says, “Looks like your family has just been increased by 2”

I smile and say “Yes it has” and sit back for the ride to the ship. As we dock, I take them to where my family is staying and introduce the two puppies to the rest of the family and then discuss what we are going to call them. The ship leaves orbit and heads out for the long journey to our new home.

Some Fun Facts About Bagels

The first bagel rolled into the world in 1683 when a baker from Vienna, Austria, was thankful to the King of Poland for saving Austria from Turkish invaders. The baker reshaped the local bread so that it resembled the King‚Äôs stirrup. The new bread was called ‚Äúbeugel,‚ÄĚ derived from the German word stirrup, ‚Äúbugel.‚ÄĚ

According to legend, the first bagel rolled into the world in 1683 when a baker from Vienna Austria was thankful to the King of Poland for saving Austria from Turkish invaders. The baker reshaped the local bread so that it resembled the King‚Äôs stirrup. The new bread was called ‚Äúbeugel,‚ÄĚ derived from the German word stirrup, ‚Äúbugel.‚ÄĚ

The traditional bagel is the only bread product that is boiled before it is baked.

Prepackaged bagels first became available in grocery stores in the 1950s. (Source: Einstein Brothers History of Bagels)

In 1960, the frozen bagel made its introduction and consumers had access to bagels even if they didn’t live near a bakery. (Source: Einstein Brothers History of Bagels)

To revive several-day-old bagels, microwave very briefly (15 seconds), or moisten with water and bake for 10 minutes in a 350¬įF oven or simply toast them.

Never refrigerate bagels or any bread product. Bread products go stale up to 6 times faster in the refrigerator. Leave at room temperature or freeze.

What Is AVIF?

AVIF is an image file format developed by the¬†Alliance for Open Media¬†that can be used by anyone. It can store both still and animated images with the “.avif” file extension, using¬†lossless or lossy compression. AVIF stands for AV1 Image File Format on account of its use of AV1 compression. It is widely seen as a replacement for¬†HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container), which uses HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) instead of the newer AV1.

In case you’re confused:¬†AV1 compression will eventually replace the older HEVC standard. Since the old HEIC container relies on HEVC, AVIF has been introduced as a new image format that makes use of newer AV1 compression. AVIF supports both¬†high dynamic range (HDR)¬†and standard dynamic range (SDR) content, including the commonly-used sRGB and BT.2020 color spaces. It supports color depths of 8, 10, and 12-bits, film grain preservation, transparency like¬†PNG¬†images, and animations just like¬†the GIF format.

AVIF and WebP are engineered to outclass traditional formats like JPEG in compression efficiency significantly. AVIF, leveraging the advanced AV1 codec, generally achieves superior compression and, thus, smaller file sizes for equivalent image quality.