10 Things I Think Are Crucial For Me To Be Happy

These 10 things, in no particular order but just entered as 1-10, are:

  1. Peace and quite on most days. Some day I get it; you just need to have scream and shout and have a gala time. You need excitement and noise. But that’s once in a while. I would like some peace & quite.
  2. No religion to piss me off. Or as little religious bullshit as possible dirtying up my space. Keep that crap away from me and I will be pleased as punch.
  3. Lots of scifi tv shows & movies, especially Star Trek & Star Gate styled shows. The truth is out there.
  4. Lots of cold drinks like apple & other fruit juices, cold coffee frappes, shakes, coke, pepsi, sprite, 7up and lots of vodka, beer and brandy.
  5. Money. Enough to let me continue living a comfortable lifestyle. I do not want to be filthy rich but enough for me to have the semi-luxurious life that I envision.
  6. Comedy – I love to laugh and the kind of comedy that leaves me squirting water from my nose as the joke was too funny or falling down on the floor kinda laughter. I love sit-coms, funny moves and watching stand up comics like Danny Bhoy, Sugar Sammy, Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Peters.
  7. Good food – pizza, sandwiches, chicken, Indian food, Chinese food, Arab & Italian food and any good old food. Keep ’em coming.
  8. I need people I care about to be near me. I want to meet my close friends once a week, atleast. Spend a few hours with them having a few drinks & food, a few laughs and maybe catch a  movie together.
  9. Music. I need my music with me at all times. Music is the medicine. Rock n’roll is the only religion worthy enough.
  10. And finally, how long can this man be strong and face life all alone? I need the love of a woman to call my own; I need my soul mate to come and find me and make me complete. Baby I need you, so come into my life.

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