11 Years & Going On Strong With Hotmail

I just noticed – I had received an email from Hotmail with a thanks for using their email services for over 10 years! It’s actually a little over 11 years.

Holy crap, has it been that long? I do remember that the first time I ever visited the web was back in 1997 and it must have been either that year or the following that I started the Hotmail account. Yes, I’m pretty sure that it was during the year 1998.

My Hotmail & Yahoo ids were both created around the same time but I only continued with the Yahoo email services for a couple of years. I lost interest in Yahoo as an email service provider and as a search engine as well. But what about Hotmail? I love Gmail and there’s no one who can beat them. I still use my Hotmail account as my primary email id for official purposes, with the sole except for office work which ofcourse goes to my office mail. But for every other official work, I use roshangk@hotmail.com.

4 thoughts on “11 Years & Going On Strong With Hotmail

  1. I am in the same group too – created my first mail account (at Hotmail) in 1998. I think I didn’t think of a yahoo account for at least another two years. But once, when I didn’t use the Hotmail account for a month or so, they froze the account, and auto-deleted my mails and contacts. There were a few precious mails in them, and I sent a mail to hotmail support, and turned my back on it forever.

  2. What a coincidence! I just read your latest blog post and comment there too! Great sexy people think & act alike! ;)

  3. Amazingly, Hotmail hasn’t changed that much except for a little bit in the looks department and the excess storage space. They still have the same basic design.

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