Recently Purchased Books

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I must tell you that I have re-discovered my passion for books with a strong commitment. For years since the advancement of the internet and the high accessability of cable tv, novels & books were left on the backburner. I remember having a good collection of novels, either purchased by myself or given to me as a gift from a friend or relative. I read everything and used to get immersed in the process; creating faces for the characters that I was bonding with and imagining every scene which I could see in my mind as if I were watching it on a tv. Even while reading the dialogues I would actually hear a voice and attach a tone and accent to it! Weird, yeah I know!

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But then for a while I didn’t read as much, selling off all my books save a few and hardly every reading a new one in ages. Recently I have started the hobby all over again and hope that this time, even with broadband connection, cable & an active work life, I will never stop reading. For sometime now, I have been occasionally stopping by the used book fair held at MG Road near Padma (selling mostly used books from the US and Canada) and get great books at bargain price. I will enter a review on the above three books at a later time; I’m not sure but I am thinking of creating a separate page for all the books that I own. We’ll see!

Time To Spring Into Action

the ladykillers online I’ve begun preparations to spring my action plan at work for the month of January. I had a good discussion with the manager for training and with Seema about how I should exactly proceed and what things I should demand and what things are a must. I know that reports are a must. Excel sheets (oh how I hate them) are the norm and my training section of the hard disk is now brimful of files of trainings that I have conducted, audits that I have done plus more excel sheets on monthly reports! No wonder the system at work is getting so slow!

I have some ideas on how to go about the new year and will start with smaller sessions and bring other people for specialized areas – like technical, complaints & other such stuff. I got the ok for it but time, resources and space is limited, so I have to make do with what I have.

Meanwhile, I got a call from the HR department of the company with which I have applied and interviewed with for the job. They wanted me to come down there today but since I had to start work early for today’s session and since they called me only at 11:00 pm (which really didn’t give me much notice and time to arrange anything) I begged them to change it to tomorrow. I hope they understand that I really want the job with them but since I have committed to doing the things I have planned today, there is no way that I can wiggle out of it. It would seem hypocritical of me to ask & suggest for something and not have that something done because I am not there! So, as much as I want to go to meet with the HR people there, I have stuff to do today.

Song for the day – “On Walks The Night” – JESSE COOK

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