The Smell Of Leather

It was my weekly off from work today and I had a few things to do. But it didn’t quite work out as I had planned. First of all, I woke up past 10:00 am since I went to sleep only by 3:30 am. I slowly had breakfast and read the paper and was taking a shower by 11. However Lakshmi called me from Chennai and asked me about the change in jobs. Then as usual we chatted about all our friends from the office days and spoke about all the things that have happened. I learned that Gijimol is pregnant and is expected to deliver in a few more weeks. It is always good to talk to Lachu, who is one of my closest friends but I can’t get to see her anymore. Anyway, by 12 I had to end the conversation and left for Jos Junction.

At Jos, I first activated & recharged my new sim and then at the same shop, which was a shoe shop that also does mobile recharges & sells sims, I asked them if they had an executive style bag. They had a wide variety of them indeed and after a few minutes I selected a really nice one; the pic you see on the extreme right!

That done, I took an auto to Panampilly Nagar to pay my broadband bill at Tata-VSNL. It was 1 pm by then and from there I went to Shenoys to check out both Music World & Planet M. They both had extremely bad selections at the moment so I didn’t buy anything or spend my time there. Instead I went to have coffee at the CCD opposite Music World and had, what would be my only lunch, a choco frappe. The mood at CCD was not great as a bunch of noisy school girls were there chatting like mad and giggling into their cell phones. Some other more grown up crowd was there and I rarely enjoy it in CCD if they have a huge crowd, so I left early.

Then it was off to buy a couple of shirts, but they had a really bad selection (it must be because we are just into the New Year) that I only selected a black one. They really had some crappy shirts which I would not be caught dead in. As I was paying for it, I noticed the display of leather wallets and on close inspection, the one I have with me was tearing in a few places and at the stitches. It was getting ready to be put down and so I bought me a new cool wallet (Pictures 1 to 3). I just love the smell of fresh leather! After that, I was feeling tired and sleepy so didn’t bother to have lunch and just came home for a short nap.

Song for the day – “Silent All These Years” – TORI AMOS