Given below is my farewell e-mail that I sent to everyone I know in my now former company. I have blanked out names wherever I deemed necessary, to protect the lives of the idiotic or the innocent:

The time has come for me to say farewell from the —- organization & family, after three years. It has been a rollercoster ride over three years as far as I am concerned with many ups and downs. Unfortunately, for me, the downs were outweighing the ups. But I had a nice time, I had a wonderful experience going from a postpaid call centre agent to a Team leader / Supervisor to a Call Centre Mentor….and then the downs started. Still, again I had a great oppurtunity to be a major part of the starting of a new Prepaid centric Call Centre in ———— and ——- Technologies welcomed me with open arms. There I was pushed into training and what an enjoyable ride that was. I have really enjoyed that aspect of my work here.

But all good things (?!!) must come to an end. What matters in the end is how you are compensated and I seem to have come to a dead end here in that regard. So I have decided to resign and move to another company with a better oppurtunity. I can proudly say that I was 100% true to the statement I made while I was joining. I never wanted to leave ——– and I am not – I am merely leaving —-!

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I wish to thank all of you, who have been my extended family & friends in ————– and I leave a piece of my heart with you. I will miss you all. My team during my time at —– was the best and I will especially miss :-

Seema, Michelle, Anu, Ann, Anjana, Jalpa, Deepa Sara, Preetha, Kshema, Sreeja, Shiny, Alpana, Preethy, Rakesh, Nishil, Manu & Vipin (all my former call centre collegues).

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Sangeetha Rajesh, you have been a big sister and a tremendous help and a shoulder to cry on.

Bindu ma’am, you were the one who drove me and pushed me to do well.

Saritha TP & Rathi Kumar for always great support

Jithu, thanks for going all out and offering your help 24/7

Elizabeth for being so supportive & did we not have fun getting the ———— Call Centre off the ground

Suraj, Baanu, Namratha & the entire supervisior team in _______

And last but not least all my kids in the call centre – old & new

” for what it’s worth, it was worth all the while”

Thank you all and please keep in touch with me by :

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Cell : – (omitted for my privacy)

E-mail : – roshangk@hotmail.com / ayathollaofrocknrolla@gmail.com

my website : – http://awakeanddreaming.org

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