The Comeback

The NHL All-Stars game approaches us on the 24th of this month. This is the first time in three years that it is happening. The reason for the three year delay is the 2004-05 lockout due to differences between the players union and the owners regarding salary. That was sorted out and there was a full season last year, however due to the 2006 Winter Olympics, the NHL decided to skip the All Stars to give the players a rest. This season, they have brought it back to showcase the talents of the new breed and the older breed. From time to time you come across a player or players who have surprised the sport and it’s followers. Yanic Perreault is one such player. At the start of the season, he was without a team. Despite the Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada) native having his best year in terms of points with the Nashville Predators last season and having six 20 goal seasons under his belt and a well deserved reputation as a one of the NHL’s top faceoff men, his one year contract was not renewed. So he was without a team, until an injury hit Phoenix Coyotes decided to give him a try and signed him on October 30th. Since then, Yanic has scored 14 goals and 25 points and is leading his team. His faceoff skills still at a very good 62.4 win percentage, the center will take his place in his first ever NHL All Star game at the age of 35.

Don’t we all enjoy a good comeback.

Song for the day – “Building A Mystery” – SARAH MCLACHLAN

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The Golden Globes 2007

The Golden Globes Award ceremony were held earlier today morning (in the US it would be last night). I normally don’t watch award shows until the end, to see who won the best supporting roles, the best actors / actress & best picture. These are the only categories worth waiting for. What I liked about this year; here are some winners :

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  • Best Actor/Drama : Forest Whitaker
  • Best Actress/Drama : Helen Mirren
  • Best Actor/Musical or Comedy : Sasha Cohen
  • Best Actress/Musical or Comedy : Meryl Streep
  • Best Supporting Actor : Eddie Murphy

I didn’t know anyone else who won or hadn’t seen or heard of the movies that won. As for TV, nothing that I watch won, although I like Hugh Laurie and he won for Best Actor/Drama for his role as Dr.House. And Warren Beatty was honoured with the Cecil De Mille award for lifetime achievement, present by Tom Hanks.