Victim Of Racism Or Not?

I don’t think I have heard of quite a situation like this in recent times, especially concerning Indian celebrities. Big Brother contestant Shilpa Shetty, a gorgeous Bollywood actress / model / PETA activist was led to tears by her fellow participants in, what I think, is a shitty program to begin with. Shetty was alledgelly a victim of racist slurs by Jane Goody, Danielle Lloyd & Jo O’Meara – being called a ‘dog’ and “Paki” and other racist comments. Goody has in turn been at the recieving end of complaints from numerous Britons (of Indian origin and otherwise) and Asians including Indians. The shock of the public at her foul language has led her to be the favourite to be evicted from Big Brother.

As far as I can tell, Jane Goody is a bitch and totally uncultured. She was voted the 4th most hated Briton and is milking her reality tv fame. However, today in the news, Shilpa has said that she was a victim of racism and that it was nothing more than the heat of competition was getting to them. Shilpa is a sweet & sexy individual and ofcourse she has my vote as she is also the Romanov Vodka brand ambassador in India!

Shetty had been branded a “dog” by Lloyd who claimed the star “wanted to be white”, and former housemate Jackiey Budden repeatedly referred to her as “the Indian”. When the actress cooked a chicken for her housemates, O’Meara refused to eat it commenting that Shetty’s cooking was responsible for her “getting the shits.” The clique have frequently complained about Shetty and mimicking her accent, protesting against her touching of their food during preparation. Lloyd speculated about eating habits: “They eat with their hands in India, don’t they? Or is that China? You don’t know where those hands have been.” Objecting to the disposal of left-over chicken soup and bones down the toilet, Tweed suggested that Shetty should pick the bones out with her teeth, prompting her reply “There’s a lot more I want to do with my teeth.” Lloyd commented that she should “fuck off home”. Lloyd has also claimed that Shetty could not speak proper English, while Goody has continued to refer to Shetty as “Shilpa Poppadom” claiming that it was a reference to Indian food. Shetty has been reduced to tears on several occasions, confiding to Ian Watkins: “I feel like I’m losing my dignity”.

Do I think that the UK is a racist country just because of this incident as some people have told me? No. Just like there are bad people in India, there are bad people in the UK (some of them even of Indian origin). I think most Britons do like Indians and people of all nations and are living happily in a multi-ethic & multi-cultured U.K. But there is an element in the society that does not agree with that. They believe “white is right” and are racist in nature. But that is to be expected among humans.

Song for the day – “Black, Hole Sun” – SOUNDGARDEN

American Idol 2007

The mother of all competition-based reality television shows is back for another year. Yes for six years Simon Cowell’s arrogant words have assaulted the ears of sensitive viewers & unsuspecting contestants and for six years Randy has called people ‘dawg’ (in a totally friendly & respectful way) and for six years Paula Abdul has had a career in television. For the sixth time, people with absolutely no talent to speak of will try and impress the judges (I am particularly pissed off with the African American breed of screamers; they shout and think that it is talent). The other kind I hate is the moron who just to get noticed on tv will dress in stupid attire and perform tricks that only he/she thinks is funny. They are the worst kind. The sad part is they do get shown on tv.

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