Life As An M&M

I got the link to this funny &, might I say, yummy online application, through Jeffery Simpson where you can make yourself into an M & M – any colour shell that you like. Everyone loves M&Ms, right? I looked through the various options that they have and decided on a light brown colour, hair that is somewhat like my own (only the hairline is receding like anything), spectacles to kind of match mine, a sheepish grin that I kind of have on my face from time to time & a cell phone. They have a choice of accessories that you can chose (although the choices are limited) that best suits your lifestyle or work. I chose the cellphone – not because I own one or use it all the time, silly! But it’s because that I have now completed three years in this industry and I do love this industry a lot (inspite of the idiotic & demanding customers who want the sun, the moon on 10p & the stars as a complements) and I see myself continuing it for a further more years. How do you like it? Does it look like me? You can get one yourself at this link!