The Banana

Today evening I had to buy some stuff for my mom. I hadn’t been out to the nearby stores in almost 2 weeks now and was glad for the change. Among the things I had to buy was bananas. Bananas to be eaten after dinner or lunch as desert and also as a digestive assistant. Bananas are the fourth in human consumption (rice, wheat and maize rank above it. It is also supposed to be a berry or seed and not exactly a fruit. So as I have a banana, I would like to blog about the yellow fellow. Bananas are a valuable source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and potassium. They mix well with anything like ‘puttu & kadala’ or ‘uppumav’. People eat them with their evening tea & paripu vadas. And they make u go to the toilet in a much calmer manner! :)

They make excellent deserts – chop a few pieces of banana in ice cream and it takes on a whole new taste. Banana flavoured ice cream is one of the best (it gives of such a sweet & fresh smell). Banana candy is so tasty. Then you have banana cake, banana cream, banana cream pie, banana bread and banana milkshakes! My first attempt at making a milkshake at home was when Raju was there one day and I made some banana milkshakes by putting cold milk, sugar & ‘chingam’ bananas into a mixie. They tasted so good.

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So let us toast the banana, the friendly fruit who mixes with just about anything. And ofcourse one cannot forget the sexual overtones of a banana! ;)

Hot Tamales & Coffee

Sometimes when you are bored and just browsing through numerous webpages aimlessly across the internet, you might hit upon a jackpot of a genius idea! Maybe not your own but someone else’s. And this truly takes the cake in marketing strategies. Oh yeah – a big, thick, chocolatey creamy & dripping with calories cake! Thoughts like “Why didn’t I think of that idea?” or “I surely wanna go there for my daily (or 5, 6 times a day) dose of caffeine” will creep into any straight male’s brain (or a lesbian’s brain). The moment I saw this my jaw dropped to the ground and my eyes gleamed with pleasure of the guilty sin kind. Ofcourse I want to go there. But ‘there’ is Washington state, USA – the spots are nearby Seattle, that Mecca for coffee drinkers & lovers.

What I am talking about is Cowgirl Espresso, a coffee drive in with skimpily clad female baristas, who give flirty services to the customers! Their words not mine. And oh what an array of ladies in lacy things and bikinis and oh such other naughty nice things! I want to emigrate to Seattle right now! The very thought is enough to make any tea drinker burn all tea estates and pledge his allegiance to the coffee bean. Take a look at four of those ambassadors of all things espresso. Then check their website www.cowgirlespresso.comYou will notice a lack of pictures of the coffee but lots of the girls. But Ofcourse!


Ok new tv series on the horizon. I rarely get to watch the beginning of a new series (new as in showing in India for the first time) these days so I was happy about catching the premier episode of this one. Heroes is a new tv series altogether (started in 2006) and it looks promising. I hope that the episodes are capable of keeping the same standard throughout. I really enjoyed the first hour of this new series. Heroes is about a group of people who are just realizing that they have extra-ordinary abilities like time travel, telepathy and flying! In once case we have Claire Bennett, who jumps of a high bridge, is burnt in a fire while rescuing a man trapped and gets her hand mangled in the waste disposal – but she is not affected as she has the power of spontaneous regeneration! Nathan Petrelli & his younger brother Peter are also highlighted – the former has the ability to fly and the latter can mimic powers of people he is in close contact with.

There is a Japanese programmer who bends the space-time continiuum and tele-ports himself from Tokyo to New York. Ali Larter plays an internet stripper who has an alternate personality which takes a life of it’s own and which she can see in reflections. And when it does, she has superpower abilities. Her son is a technical genius and can communicate with computers & other electronic stuff. And we have Sendhil Ramamoorthy who plays a genetics professor in Madras, India and who comes to New York is search of his father, who was killed.

Song for the day – “Blue Powder” – STEVE VAI