Evening Slips Away

Well the training at my new company is going full steam ahead. We got lots of assignments and role plays and presentations that I am out of steam by evening (We start at 8:30 am). Today was filled with activities but luckily it finished early, by 4pm and so I could enjoy a long evening at home.

Coming home to a hot cup of coffee and some biscuits, I came online to check the possibility of me making some money on a small project that was referred to me by a guy in Lebanon. I went to that company’s site and filled in the application but it turns out that it was all in vain. I didn’t fit their eligibility requirements so my application was rejected. All for nothing.

I went to do the two other online projects (free of cost) that I was into at the moment. Then I was also chatting on IRC for a very long time. Halie showed up and she walked me through lots of the irc commands that I didn’t know. And to tell you the truth, I knew almost nothing. Well I practiced that for a while and the evening drifted away to night and dinner time – I had fish. Looking forward for a nice, peaceful sleep. Don’t bother me by coming into my dreams!

Song for the day – “Ocean Pearl” – 54.40