31 Days On The Blog

Well I did it, I completed an entire month of blogging everyday and multiple times on several days. That is a blogging achievement not to be taken lightly. I have seen people who get a badge from a blogger who gives it only to people who blog atleast one entry per day for 30 days. Well, I didn’t need a badge or a reminder; just the excitement of getting my own domain & server space and installing wordpress. That was more than enuff for me.

Tomorrow I have two assignments & presentations to do at the new job, as part of my training there. Like I was telling Halie, I am fully confident that I will do well cause it is easy and I have three years experience in this field. Just the names of products and the charges & codes will change, that is all. Most of the stuff is the same.

While working on my presentation, I felt thirsty and decided to head out. I needed to get printouts anyways, so I dressed and went to the nearby places – all were closed! There are 5 places with internet & computer related businesses and they were all closed by 6:15 today! What jerks! I decided to use slides instead and skipped the printouts. So I came back and bought a seven up on my way home.

Song for the day – “Drug Like You” – TODD KERNS

RIP Sidney Sheldon

One of the greatest novelists of our times, Sidney Sheldon passed away today at the age of 89. He was an award winning Broadway playwriter, A tv & movie screenwriter & a novelist with the prestige of being the most translated author in the world. He only started writing his engrossing best-sellers at the age of 50. One of my first read proper novels was Master Of The Game.

I became a fan and have read 16 of his books – my favourites being the aformentiones one and Windmills of the Gods. His famous tv works included The Patty Duke Show, Hart To Hart & I Dream Of Jeanie. His success on Broadway brought him back to Hollywood where his first assignment was The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer which earned him the Academy Award for best original screenplay of 1947. He was born in Chicago to Jewish parents (his mother was Russian as well) and he served in World War 2 as a pilot.

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