Saskatchewan – new source of comedy

The latest two tv series which I have seen and have liked so much that I want to collect all their episodes are both Canadian and based in the Prairie province of Saskatchewan. Little Mosque On The Prairie is about a fictional small town in Saskatchewan which has a small but vocal Muslim community. Corner Gas is a more established & successful comedy also based in a fictional small town in Saskatchewan. But both are funny and fresh and offer you a different look at small town madness. I stream episodes from a couple of websites that offer you this facility for free.

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Whereas one is more about a minority group trying hard to fit in and stick to their rules at the same time (with hilarious effect), the other is more about your average Joe, albeit sarcastically funny, whose thoughts are sometimes shown to us in clips. They both don’t use the normal studio settings or the laugh track / live audience route. They are shot on location and hence is a different perspective on the normal comedy routine. I look forward to streaming many more episodes of them both.

Same Guy, Different Skin

This image must hurt the eyes & senses of every Edmonton Oilers fan who bleeds copper, white & blue! The face, heart & soul of the Oiler’s (I don’t think even the greats Messier & Gretzky can lay claim to such a loft stake). But as much as distraught the trade of the winger has brought to the Oilers, it has brought the same amount of excitement to Long Island and the Islanders organization. Head coach Ted Nolan says that the smiles were genuine & the excitement were there to see on the faces of the New York Islanders, when he announced the trade had happened in their locker room. Smyth had 31 goals and 22 assists for the Oilers this season and has earned the reputation as one of the NHL’s top forwards during his long stay in Edmonton. With the Islanders battling with a number of teams to land a Stanley Cup Playoff berth, adding a player of Smyth’s caliber is huge. Nolan realizes the trade has been emotional for Smyth, who had played his entire career in Edmonton, but he expects him to make a quick adjustment and to fit right into the Islanders scheme.

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“No question about that,” Nolan said. “He’s very proud of his home province and playing with the Oilers and growing up with them. So to fly him overnight and get him down here and put a New York Islanders’ jersey on him, that’s not going to make him an Islander right away. It’s going to take some time to adjust, to adapt.