King Of Vodka

the uninvited online Woke up so late yesterday, it was almost 11 am, that I had to cancel my plans of going to see some friends. They were heading out to Munnar for a small trip and I was asked to join them if I could. So, I lay back in bed and was about to listen to some music, when I heard my sister’s & younger nephew’s voices. Ok, I had to brush my teeth and get breakfast sometime, so I dressed and came out. Guess who was there to say hello to her uncle – Geethu! That little monster is starting to grow a bit but she ain’t got much hair! She is bald and looking a lot like she belongs straight in my mother’s side of the family.

After an hour of family time and playing with baby, I had my breakfast and took a bath to head out for some fun on my own. There is only so much family stuff that I can handle in a day. No guesses where I was going – CCD for some great coffee. I also grabbed a copy of Anthology a two cd set of Bryan Adam’s greatest hits and browsed through some books before getting The King Of Torts a novel by John Grisham. Reviews of both will appear soon; I am enjoying reading the novel and it appears to be one of his best.

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The heat was hot and I headed quickly to Oberio for some drinks and food, answering two calls by a girl who is the co-ordinator for the current trainings happening at our company. She sounded so sleepy and lazy that I was having a hard time not falling asleep! Anyways, I was vodka bound and needed some quickly, so I told the waiter who came to take my order “Don’t bother too much, just get me three vodkas, two seven ups and a menu. Pronto!”. I settled on some noodles for my lunch and sat back to enjoy the drinks and the novel.

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Song for the day – “Could I Be Your Girl” – JANN ARDEN