Red Eyed & Droopy Lids

Oh I hate my work shift! 4 pm to 1 am. Since I live close to the temporary office that my company has setup for us, I reach home in less than 15 minutes. That part I do like, since it is not going to be the same when our proper office building is complete and ready for us to move in. That is in Kalamassery, which is a half hour away. So for the time being, I get the luxury of being the first guy to reach home in a jiffy.

But the rooms that impersonate training rooms are disgustingly hot, dusty & filthy. Yesterday, I noticed that there were huge stains of a tea spill that had spilled on Saturday night! Last Wednesday I had the problem with sneezing and coughing as I inhaled some dust. The problems are creeping up day by day and we are being reassured only by the fact that we will be moving to our own digs in a few days. But I just can’t get to sleep when I get back.

I take a little bath soon after I reach to wash away the sweat and dust that is on me. By then I am refreshed a bit and have some water to drink and sleep is gone. So I browse the net, read some blogs and some mails and listen to music and fall asleep only by 4 am! I wake up so late after that.

Song for the day – “Who Needs Sleep” – BARENAKED LADIES