Smell of Kerosene & Paint is Driving Me Crazy

    As I had mentioned previously here my apartment building is getting a new coat of paint and general beautification (I use that term loosely) done as an effort to bring back the glory of 5 years ago. At that point of time, it was one of only 3 apartment buildings in this area and therefore stood out. When we first moved in here last September it looked like an old hag amidst the newer and much prettier looking apartments. Like a chaperon to much younger ladies on a night out on the town!

    Well now the paint work is almost over; the outside is done and looking kinda nice. There is life still left in this wreck of a building! However these stupid painters are driving me nuts. The buggers are so loud and today I almost had it. They had to paint the balcony in my apartment and came in at sharp 9 am to do so. Question : How many painters does it take to paint a small, tiny balcony? Answer : Three moronic assholes and one idiot to supervise! They are so fucking annoying and I could barely contain my frustration and anger. There’s more – they left a trail of white footprints on the floor leading from the door to the balcony. They splattered paint all over the balcony floor and the wall and the wash basin on the balcony. Then they used a liberal dose of kerosene to clean it when I complained. Now you can’t go near the balcony door before being consumed by that horrible smell. Holy fuck! The only consolation is that today is the last day – I never have to see these schmucks again.

      Song for the day – “Closer To Madness” – JESSE COOK

      Sens 5 Maple Leafs 1

      There is something about the Toronto Maple Leafs that makes the Sens raise their game and play at an altogether higher level. Their provincial rivals bring out the best in them and it has been showing in the past couple of years. Always getting the better of Ottawa in the playoffs for years, the Maple Leafs are being thrashed by their fellow Ontario team on a regular basis. Having lost the last three matches (two in over time of which one was a shoot-out lose to Pittsburgh), the Sens really needed this win for confidence. Plus it put them at the number 3 spot in the Eastern Conference standings briefly until Atalanta won their game against the Canadiens. Mike Fisher had two goals as did Dean McAmmond while defenceman Tom Preissing was the other scorer. Alex Steen had the lone consolation goal for Toronto, who is in 8th spot. Captain Daniel Alfredsson had three assists and goalie Ray Emery had 28 saves on the night. The two teams meet in Toronto on Saturday.