Hitler’s German Citizenship

62 years after his death, Adolf Hitler could have no country to speak of! Hitler had given up his Austrian citizenship in 1925 and became German in 1932. Now politicians want his German citizenship to be stripped in what is being said as a “symbolic step” against the horrors of the Nazis. Isolde Saalmann, a deputy in the State Legislature of Lower Saxony, has convinced her fellow Social Democrats to file motion to review whether Hitler’s citizenship can be revoked.

That ought to teach him! How dare he kill all those poor Jews! How dare he become the most hated man in history! When his dead body become’s stateless, he will regret his evil ways!

Is this a “symbolic gesture” to distance them away from the hated Dictator as they state or just another political scam for publicity? I mean the bugger has been dead for more than 6 decades and NOW someone wants to declare him not German and hence stateless. Will that change anything in history? Will people stop associating Hitler with Germany?

Germany is such a wonderful country. We love her tennis players, her football clubs & players, her cities & towns, her cars, her music (primarily the Scorpions for me) and most importantly – the beer! Are we still thinking about Hitler when we think of Germany or purchase anything German or listen to anything German? NO!

This is all so unnecessary and stupid. What will it achieve in the end? Will suddenly any of the atrocities the Nazi leader committed vanish? Does it bring back the dead? Is a politician(s) trying to further his/her career?