Moisture in the air

I feel a moisture in the air this evening. You should have seen the gathering of ominous looking clouds from my balcony at around 6:15 pm this evening. It was really grand and we a bit of thunder and a wee bit of lightning, nothing to get excited about. A killer breeze was more to my liking and I enjoyed it out on the balcony.

As mentioned I went out today to buy a new cell phone and I dove tailed myself to the ATM first and then to Penta Menaka, where you have a huge number of cell phone shops and services & repairs shops. They must have built that complex just for satisfying the never ending need for mobile enthusiasts in my city. Having changed my mind and not going for the Nokia N72, I quickly settled on the Samsung SGH E-250 which I am happy with. I decided to save my money (I only had to shell out Rs.1500 after giving them my old phone) so that I can either (a)get a really high end cell phone a few months down the line or (b)satisfy my lust for a Blackberry!

I headed out to Bay Pride Mall, right opposite Penta Menaka and had a sickly Iced Latte @ Barista, which was a big waste of money, as this coffeeshop franchise does not live up to my expectations. A shame though, since their decor is really very wonderful and they have a seaside view.

I went window shopping at the many shops in Bay Pride Mall and then felt hungry. I went to see a friend in Shenoys and checked out the cds at Planet M & Music World. I later had a chicken puff & a Mochachillo at Cafe Coffee Day as means of lunch. Then I headed back home and am trying to watch a movie online. Later dudes & dudettes!

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Song for the day – “Automatic Flowers” – OUR LADY PEACE

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Samsung SGH E250

I got a new cell phone. It’s not the Nokia N72 which I was originally gunning for but at the last moment, I had a change of heart. I decided not to go for the N72, since my heart is actually set on getting a Blackberry, but I cannot afford it now. So I am gonna wait for a hike in pay or save some cash and then subscribe to one of the Blackberry options currently available here. I know that I can get one in a few months.

But in the meantime I thought that I should get a new phone. The Motorola RAZR V3i is a really good phone but I bought it last June. Time to change it. So I looked at all possible options that wouldn’t cost me much beside giving the store the RAZR. So I settled on a phone which I had been eying in adds that I had seen online for Rogers Wireless & an add here.

The one I chose is black (cannot find good pics of the colour online, except for this small one on the left). There’s a distinct focus on music inside the E250. The phone’s music player can handle MP3 and AAC files, with compatibility for optional Bluetooth stereo headphones if you’re lucky enough to own a pair. 10MB of built-in memory and an expansion slot take care of storage, while an FM radio offers even more music. The SGH-E250’s gigantic 5cm large LCD screen dominates. Superior 65536 Color TFT display with image resolution of 128×160 pixels for remarkably vivid, crisp pictures. Capture spontaneous moments and precious memories with your own VGA Camera. Embedded camera lens with 4X digital zoom allows for flexible framing options. CMOS sensor provides highquality imaging for accurate color representation and improved resolution, making your photos picture- perfect. Save your photos in JPEG format to store or send. A mini-camcorder that literally fits in the palm, the SGH-E250 records video with sound, so let your imagination run free. A built-in MP3 player virtually eliminates the need for a separate device to play your own tunes, with additional audio formats including AAC and AAC+. You won’t be able to look back after entering the wireless music universe with Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) Bluetooth for stereo sound, hearing your songs on your headset absolutely cord-free. External memory via MicroSD, with virtually limitless storage capacity, lets you expand your music library to the skies.

Tune into your favorite programs with super handy FM radio. For maximum efficiency, tap into the SGH-E250’s range of connectivity offerings including Bluetooth 2.0, USB 1.1. Bluetooth technology enables communication with other Bluetooth supported devices such as printers, PDAs and laptops for instant sync-ups and communiques, and print jobs in a flash. For wired access, use USB 1.1 for conventional hook-ups.

Sens 5 Islander 2

The Ottawa Senators comfortably beat the New York Islanders, who were without their star goalie Rick DiPeitro, 5-2. The Sens got two goals from Mike Comrie and Christoph Schubert added a goal and assist as the Ottawa Senators swept the season series from New York with a 5-2 win. Dean McAmmond and Dany Heatley got the other two goals for Ottawa, now on 102 points. They have a slim chance of catching Eastern Conference & Northeast Division leaders Buffalo Sabres, who are at 107 points. Viktor Kozlov and Marc-Andre Bergeron scored for the Islanders, 10th in the East. Former Senator & most hated man in Ottawa, Alexei Yashin had a pair of assists for New York, winless in four games (0-3-1). Ottawa has won eight straight overall against New York, dating to a 5-2 Islanders win at home on Jan. 19, 2004. They now have just 3 games left.