April Whine


This is officially the hottest day of the current year in my books and perhaps one of the hottest that I have had to face. The temperature hit 94 °F / 34 °C with a humidity factor of 39%. Is that all? I could have sworn that it was something like 42 or 49 °C; walking outside in the streets was damn near torturous and I can’t imagine working out in this kind of heat. My heart goes out to the people who have to do manual labour in this weather and make a living. Atleast I don’t have to do that.

A haircut was in desperate need and I went out to do that just around the 1 pm mark. Earlier, I had made my way to Penta Menaka to get a data cable and a 1GB memory card for my Samsung phone. However, it being Good Friday, most of the shops were closed there including the one where I bought the cell from. So I went into another one and got the 1GB card but they were out of data cables for my particular model. A visit to GCDA complex proved in vain as they too did not have the cable, including an official Samsung dealer store.

Having a cold mocha frappe did help some in battling the humidity but that only works if you remain indoors and you have access to a big fan or, even better, air-conditioning. So a few minutes after I stepped outside, I was perspiring like it was the end of the world. Not a fun way to spend the day.

Song for the day – “Under The Same Sun” – SCORPIONS

Good Friday?

Good Friday.

What indeed is so good about this day? If your are Christian and you believe in Christ, shouldn’t this day be named more appropriately? Good Friday…he died on the cross on this day didn’t he?

I think Malayalee Christians have it right – they call this day “Dhukha Velliyazhcha” (Sad or Mournful Friday) . Yuk, yuk, snicker :D