Weekend @ Wang’s

Ah it is so nice to have a couple of days off to relax. Ok, I had to work on Saturday (what work?) but I got Friday & Sunday off to do as I please. And the day wasn’t so hot like the past few have been. I woke up and lazed about trying to watch The Descent, which I had downloaded from Veoh. This is a really good movie and I will post about it later. Dad & mom were not doing anything today, except having my nephew Aditya for company and my mom watched a couple of Malayalam movies which she had wanted to see in a long time.

Anil & myself were supposed to get together with Jibin, our old friend & colleague from Aspin Wall. Jibin is getting married in a week’s time and is also moving to Ireland, as his fiance is working as a Pharmacist in Dublin. He is joining her on a visiting visa and will look for a job there as soon as he lands. I think he already has something setup. Anyways, he had wanted to join Anil & me for a few drinks as we hadn’t spent time together since 2003! Fuck, has it been that long? Seems like only yesterday. So a week back he had called to see if we wanted to meet up and we said yes.

However, Jibin got stuck with some problems with his visa. So it was just Anil & me….not quite. Anil was running late from an outing with his family, him being christian and it being Easter and all that. We were supposed to meet up by around 6 pm but he called me at 5 to let me know that he would have to cancel. Stuck without a partner, I decided to go out since I hadn’t had any drinks in two weeks. A bath later, I was in Oberoi and had four vodkas along with a light chicken snack. I spent about 90 minutes there.

Just after I left the bar at 8:15, I ran into Akhil & Jija, who had spent the day out @ Cherai beach and then had headed back into town for a little shopping and some coffee before heading for dinner. I joined them and we headed for Wang’s Restaurant, which also has a Kebab & Hindustani style section. They had been dying to try it out and I am glad that they did. We had chicken kebab, butter nan with hyderabadi chicken curry, urug daal & curd. Everything was downright delicious and finger licking good and we had a lovely evening. I saw them off in an auto which took them to the company provided apartments at around 10 pm and I walked my way back home.

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      Song for the day – “When I Go Out With Artists” – CRASH TEST DUMMIES