To Play The Man

There is a lot of internet articles & rumours going around about the proposed new Star Trek movie, to be called Star Trek XI or simply Star Trek. Among the rumours circulating are who the cast will be and particularly who will play Captain James T Kirk! Many have already sealed the role to be done by Matt Damon. Others actors mentioned as being considered for Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are Matt Damon, Adrien Brody, and Gary Sinise, respectively.

I personally think that Gary Sinese would be too old to play Dr.McCoy as it is to be when the character was younger, just as Kirk & Spock are to be. Ben Affleck is also rumoured to be playing either Kirk or Spock and it is tempting to have the two close friends playing two close friends – Damon & Affleck as Kirk & Spock. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is also rumoured to play a doctor but not as Doctor McCoy. The choices mentioned has caused reactions among the fans – some of which are positive but mostly in the negative, as the characters are two old to play teenage or early twenties era Star Trek characters, as the per the story for the movie. Yet many feel that the star power could revitalize the franchise and boost it’s ratings & give it the needed push.

But who could seriously replace these icons of science fiction? Who could play Spock? And even more important, who can play Captain James T. Kirk, other than the original William Shattner? Why even try?

Drag Me Down

When you least expect it your life can take a sharp turn down pain avenue. Your guts are spilled out for all to see and you can barely think about anything else other than the reason that made you make that turn. A turn you took reluctantly and unknowingly but one you were led down nonetheless. Whether you wanted to go down that the path or whether you were pushed to it by a force so powerful you had no other choice. But go down there you will and pay the price for doing so.

I took a phone call today at noon; one of the worst calls I have ever had to take from anyone. Other than someone informing me about an accident or a death, this one ranks pretty high. Made me feel about as low as a snake’s belly button. Dragged through the mud and left in the dirt. That is the way I felt at the time and the way that I feel now.

The call lasted for almost a half hour and was one the angriest that I have ever spoken in. I was very upset about it and could not do anything else, so I asked for a leave in order to try and sort out the problem. I don not want people to know or read about what exactly the problem is but it isn’t what you are thinking but it’s complicated. Let’s just leave it at that. I think I can reach a solution by tomorrow, just in time to enjoy the weekend.

Song for the day – “Cuts Like A Knife” – BRYAN ADAMS