Thundering Typhoons

I went back to work today and a leisurely day at the office. All I really had to do was spend two fun hours with a group of new agents, clear some of the doubts that they had and joke with them. After that, nothing else to do except walk around the floor and chat with people, have coffee, take two long breaks – one for a little lunch and another for an evening snack. Bingo! and before you know it, it is time to zip up my office bag and head back for home.

The way back home was far from easy going as the work day was. It felt like it was going to rain all day and a few minutes after I boarded the bus, it started pouring. And I mean pouring. A heavy wind was blowing people off the streets and into shops, hotels and /or shelters and hide from the rain. It was a storm of epic proportions. As I got down at Kacheripady, I realised that I would have to buy me an umbrella and I did get an inexpensive one at the nearest shop next to where I get down. But I managed to get myself very wet due to the wind factor. There was thunder and lightning and it was looking like a scene from a natural disaster documentary on Nat Geo.

The wind kept blowing my umbrella away from me and I was finding it very difficult to walk! Me! Guy with the big belly was having trouble walking because of the wind. Shame on me! Jokes apart, it was very, very windy but I made my way through towards the apartment and no sooner did I reach the gate when the power went out! Shit, that meant walking all seven floors to my apartment, all the while gazing out at the windows for a special effects display of the biblical kind. I won’t be surprised if we wake up in the morning to find arcs floating around. Made it home in one piece and ate a quite dinner in the dark with my mom & dad. The power came back on at 11 and here I am entering it for the sake of you guys.

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Song for the day – “Thunderstruck” – AC/DC

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4 Way Showdown @ Backlash

WWE pay-per-view event Backlash will feature a four way title defence for the WWE championship featuring two pairs of fighting tag team partners. Champion & rap scum John Cena has had issues with his tag team partner Shawn Michaels, also known as HBK (Homo Butt Kisser). They will enter the ring @ Backlash and face off for Cena’s belt and joining them will be two more former champions, Randy Orton & Edge. Now, I can’t stand “bad rapper cum worse wrestler cum worst actor” Cena or Michaels. I won’t be too bummed out if Orton wins it but I am cheering for Edge, who is my second fav current Wrestler after Chris Benoit.

Edge has had two stints at being the champ, as short as they were, and each time it was tainted with having lost to Cena. So at Backlash, I hope he wins it for the third time and we will never have to suffer through Cena’s bad acting & rapping on screen! Ok that is to much to hope for, but atleast I hope he never becomes champ again. Come on guys!

Sens 6 Pens 3

The Ottawa Senators got off to a good start in their first game of the playoffs by beating the Pittsburgh Penguins 6 goals to 3. Dany Heatley had the game winning goal for Ottawa, while Andrej Mezaros, Chris Kelly, Tom Preissing, Chris Neil & Mike Comrie got the other goals. For Pittsburgh, both Jordan Staal & Sidney Crosby scored in their playoff debuts.

In other matches on Wednesday, San Jose beat Nashville 5-4, Anaheim beat Minnesotta 2-1 & Vancouver beat Dallas in the fourth round of overtime 5-4 in one of the longest playoffs games in history. Both set of players needed intravenous fluids to avoid getting dehydrated.

On Thursday, New York Rangers beat Atlanta 4-3, Detroit beat Calgary 4-1, New Jersey beat Tampa Bay 5-3 & Buffalo beat the New York Islander 4-1.