Symphony In The Sky

What a day it has been! I spent the morning at home and watched some tv for the entirety. Then I decided to head out to my old office at Thoppumpady and give some of my former colleagues a surprise. I had also been getting a few complaints from my kids saying that I was not visiting and that I was forgetting about them. Not true, I think about them a lot, but I hadn’t been to see them in over 2 months or so. So I guessed that a visit was in order. By 2:30 I was in a bus headed out to them. I spent some time with many of my favourites from my time there and I was very happy to see them. I do miss them a lot but it is the nature of this life that you can’t spend your time with everyone.

I spent my time talking with them and letting them in on what it is that I do in my new job for about 2 hours. I had to leave after that and was happy that I did get to see quite a few people. I left the office with Aneeja & Renju and Aneeja got into the same bus as me and we chatted for a bit. I went to Cafe Coffee Day and had an Orange Frappe to cool down and relax and enjoy the evening.

By 6:45, Anil came over and we went to Bay Pride Mall for a bit before heading out to Malabar House roof top garden bar for some drinks. As we down 5 rounds each (brandy for him and vodka for me) the skies opened and we were treated to a tropical rain storm of biblical proportions. It really was something. The thunder and lightning accented the mood of the evening and I quite enjoyed sitting there and taking in the effects, the wind blowing in my face and the overall feeling of something beyond human control. Something that can cause a lot of destruction and death but I was lost in the beauty of it.

Song for the day – “Bittersweet Symphony” – Lukas Rossi (as sung in Rockstar : Supernova)

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That keyboardist on TV

You would have seen him on tv or heard some of his compositions in numerous shows all across the globe. Paul Mirkovich has been the band leader, keyboardist and duet singing partner for Cher for the last 16 years. He has also been the band director for Janet Jackson and Anastasia and a member of the multi-platinum bands Whitesnake and Nelson (band). Paul has also performed and recorded with Peter Gabriel and Shawn Colvin, among many others. Paul received a call from the music producer of Rock Star, Clyde Lieberman, and was asked to audition for the role of musical director for the reality tv show ‘Rockstar : INXS. He competed against 11 other musical directors who had also put bands together (a total of 75 – 80 musicians auditioned). Paul got the gig.

Two of his band members, Rafael Moreira (lead guitar) and Sasha Krivtsov (bass), were also hired. Jim McGorman (rhythm guitar, keyboards) and Nate Morton (drums, percussion) were hired from the other auditioning bands. He returned with the band to do Rockstar : Supernova to great international success. Most of you probably know him from the first two seasons of Rockstar and we look forward to seeing him on tv in future editions of this great show.