Football = Soccer = Corny Movies

When Hollywood makes movies centering about the sport of football aka soccer, it usually turns out corny and cheesy. It’s true! Almost all sports based movies are either a bit or totally corny. Except for a few like Miracle which is based on a true story. But since it is an American true story, you just have to pull out the flag a few million times and the ‘USA chants’. So a bit corny. Even though I loved the movie, big hockey fan that I am. Plus Kurt Russell rules!

But my entry is about soccer movies and boy do they all feel cheesy. Lady Bugs was one that I really enjoyed but it stars Rodney Dangerfield and he is hilarious. But the other ones! Sheesh! They showed this movie about two boys, twins, who play in a kid league and they get a new coach who is a mechanic and looks like a bum but is in fact a former pro player. He wins the twins and their friends over, then their mom and finally their aunt, who is the love interest. Needless to say that the acting leaves much to be desired.

There is the soccer playing dog. Oh I was unlucky enough to catch a few minutes of it. The reactions of the crowd and the players – pretty bad acting. Hamming it up. So bad it’s worse than watching a Jose Mourinho interview. Plus Americans seem to think that the sport if best for ladies. As if! Just keep it away from those movies! Argh!

Song for the day – “F.I.N.E” – AEROSMITH

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Boris Yeltsin RIP

Boris Yeltsin, former Russian President and the person who pushed the country finally in it’s new found love for Democracy, has died at the age of 76. No cause has been given out at the moment but he had suffered from ill health for the last few years.

Despite seeing the icon on tv on many occasions, I will always remember Yeltsin for the parody portrayal by Royal Canadian Air Farce cast member, the late Welsh comedian John Morgan. Morgan used to do an excellent although exaggerated drunk version of Boris, that still tickles me to the bone. Rest in Peace!