Marathon Man

I can’t believe how suddenly and unexpectedly a cold and sore throat descended upon me. There were no warning signs, no difficulty in breathing or cough that signals the onslaught of the flem fest. It only started around 8:50 pm as I was sitting at home and just finished dinner. Three quick sneezes followed by a cough that made me go ‘oh ho’! Was I due a little illness? Hmm, I think so.

The timings couldn’t be worse – tomorrow I have eight 45 min training session on quality parameters to be dished out to 8 different batches of call center agents. This is a very important session being organized after a lengthy meeting today. We sat and went through the problem areas that were affecting the quality of the calls and came up with the top 5 defects which were responsible for 40% of all the defects. From 10:45 till about 2 pm we sat in a small conference room and came up with the solutions and it is to be implemented ASAP. Now, I am the only trainer working on Sunday (since I took a leave on Monday) and the burden falls solely on me. On Monday I will be sharing it with the two others that took the session and hopefully we can conclude it by Tuesday. But I will be having a holiday on Tuesday and Wednesday will be my compensation for working on Monday.

If only this blasted cold gets over by the time I reach the office.

Song for the day – “I’m Alright” – TERRI CLARK