Waste Of A Sunday

The blasted cold turned into a light fever and the sore throat only got worse as I tossed and turned in my bed last night. I woke up a few times to get some hot water and even made a black coffee at 1 am. Nothing would blow away the sucker. So there I was, awake at 6 am and getting ready for work. I bought some vicks lozenges, a bottle of cough syrup and a vicks inhaler to help me get through the day.

So I was there at the office by 8:50 am and took my first session by 9 am. Towards the end of it my throat started hurting a little bit but I was holding up ok. I took a break, had some syrup and a cough drop lozenge and waited till the next batch came in. I took them through the same material that I had prepared and this batch were a lot more interactive and therefore I did not even feel tired afterwards. By 11:30, I was told by the ops guys that it would be a long wait before they could send me another batch. I said ok and that I would wait. I headed to the very back of the call floor and sat on one of the chairs and rested my head against the board and closed my eyes. Not sure if I actually napped much but it was almost 1 pm when I got up from there.

I was really tired and the strain was showing on my face for others to see. I went to check with ops as to when they could get me another batch of kids. It seems that they could not give me another for quite a while as they did not have enough backup agents and that I should probably go home as it would be a waste of my time waiting for them. Why would they insist that the training commence on a Sunday then? I had sacrificed my Sunday off just so that I could start it off and try to cover as many people as I could. We had actually suggested to start on Monday but it was ops decision that it just couldn’t wait! So I informed my training head and he said to go home. I waited till 1:45 and then headed out in the hot sun to the bus stop and slowly made my way back.

The sun, the syrup, the fever, the cold & the training sessions took a toll on me (although I was perfectly willing and able to continue and finish off the remaining scheduled 6 more training sessions) and I had a little lunch at home and then went to bed. I slept for the most part of 4 hours during which there were fierce thunder and lightning and heavy rain pured all over Cochin. I was oblivious to it and only enjoyed the wind that came through the open windows as I wrapped myself in a blanket and dozed.

Song for the day – “Falling Off The Face Of The Earth” – NEIL YOUNG