Notes for Thursday, 3rd May

  • We need more good tv series; there are so little to watch at the moment
  • Really looking forward to watch Spider-Man 3 and that is due to the debut of Venom
  • Vin Diesel movies suck
  • How many times can they show MIB 2 on cable? Enuff
  • I have been streaming Star Trek : Voyager series online
  • The evenings & nights are still very hot unless it rains
  • Reading Dangerous Kiss by Jackie Collins at the moment
  • Not sure if I will ever eat pork again after the dish I had two days ago
  • I need to drink more water each day
  • Am definitely getting more sleep in the last couple of days :)
  • Need to buy a new pair of jeans and a couple of shirts
  • I should catch up with some of my cousins
  • And organize the next outing with Anil & Madhu
  • I also should meet Cathy one of these days; I miss her
  • I also miss Asha a lot and want to see her but she is in Hyderabad
  • I am very tired now

Song for the day – “The Truck Got Stuck” – CORB LUND

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London Strong

After almost a month I guess, I had some beer today. Vodka had ruled my life for most of that which is actually I guess three times in the last 45 or 50 days. Not that much drinking to brag about. But anyway, since today I was taking an off for working on Sunday, I woke up late and almost decided to spend the day just singing along to some music and watching tv and reading a bit. It actually felt like that kind of a day. But by 12 I was feeling hungry, not having had any breakfast, and thirsty for something stronger than water and coffee. So a bath later I headed out, first to the ATM and then to my fav bar. I hadn’t been in there since April 8th and decided to have some beer this time & ordered a chopsuey for lunch. They did not have any Kingfisher or Haywards or any other kind of beer, other than London Strong. I can’t find any images of the label or bottle and no website either on this one. A shame cause this is one mighty tasty beer. I am not an expert but dare I say that this is a kind of Belgian beer (help me out her you beer technicians) – I venture to say this cause it is brown or amber in colour and I think that is what Belgian beer is supposed to be like. The picture on the right is approximately what it looks like.

Anyway, I liked it so much from the very first gulp. Now, funnily enough, after reading the best beer blog in the world, I always smell the beer first and get a nosefull of it’s essence. I breathed in the flavour and then took my first mouthful and let it rest in my mouth while my tongue danced in it. Damn this is good beer! I finally understand what they say when they write about ‘fruity’ taste in beer! You get a little taste of pear & apples. Also, it had a strong foamy head that remains there for a longer time. I loved it so much that I had three and they went straight to my head. But until I was halfway through the third I tought I was ok. However, the walk home was not quite steady. But I absolutely loved the beer and am going to recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had it yet. Cheers!

Champions League Man

So AC Milan gets to the final of the Champions League yet again. And their opponents are Liverpool, who beat them in that dramatic final two years ago in Istanbul. The Milan team will seek revenge for that heart-breaking loss when they were so close to winning and yet somehow lost to a resilient side riding on adrenaline. Some would say that Steven Gerrard is the man for these kind of tournaments, leading his Liverpool side to victory and going on to beat seemingly more stronger sides. But for me the man who had symbolized Champions League success the most in the past decade or so is Dutch midfielder Clarence Seedorf. He was the first, and to date, the only person to have won the UEFA Champions League with three different clubs: Ajax (1995), Real Madrid (1998), and AC Milan (2003) and is now going for a fourth with his Milan side. Never a prolific scorer, Seedorf usually sets up a few goals for his teammates with his nimble passing that seems to be spot on. This season he has been instrumental in scoring and setting up important goals against Bayern Munich and, in the just concluded semi-finals, against Manchester United. Seedorf scored in both the away & home games of the semis to send Man U packing. Will he get to hoist the Champions League trophy a fourth time? We will find out at the Olympic Stadium in Greece on May 23rd.