Happy 37th Sherina

Today is my sister Sherine aka Sherina’s 37th birthday. Way back on May 8th, 1970 she was born as the first child of our folks. And they have had 37 years of regret due to the grave mistake that they made! Hahahaha yuk yuk yuk!

Funny thing was I had remembered that it was her birthday for the past 2 weeks and then forgot it during the weekend. Around 2:30, as I asked to check upon a clarification on an account, I suddenly noticed the date in the software that we use. I quickly called her up on her cellphone, stood in a quite corner and sang her a heartfelt birthday song. She said that she was off to her office (she hasn’t been working since her delivery) as her friends at work had planned an evening out for her. I hope she enjoyed it a lot.

So here’s to a wonderful 37 – for you atleast; for me it was 37 torturous years – and to many more. I am sure that you will live many many more years. Cause witches live long lives!

Song for the day – “Starry Night” – JOE SATRIANI