Star Trek III – The Search For Spock

I bought another couple of movies on VCD on Sunday. I have only seen one, so I am gonna post about it. Star Trek III – the Search For Spock is a sequel to the previous Trek film Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan. This is a movie featuring the oroginal cast of Star Trek with William Shatner as Admiral James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock, DeForest Kelley as Commander (Dr.) Leonard McCoy, James Doohan as Commander/Captain Montgomery Scott, George Takei as Commander Hikaru Sulu, Walter Koenig as Commander Pavel Chekov & Nichelle Nichols as Commander Uhura. The guest star or villain in the movie is a surprising Christopher Loyd as Klingon Commander Kruge.

The movie takes place almost immediately after the events of Star Trek II, in which Khan is killed but Spock dies after bravely letting himself be affected by the powerful radiation. At the very emotional funeral, Kirk eulogizes his old friend, and Spock’s body, encapsulated in a photon torpedo, is launched onto the newly formed Genesis planet. When the USS Enterprise returns back to Earth, they find that the ship is about to be decomisioned. Meanwhile, a science team is headed to the newly formed Genesis planet and the two member team (Kirk’s son David & a vulcan named Saavik) discover a life-form which turns out to be a resurrected and young Spock! The planet has affected his dead body and Spock ages rapidly from a small boy to teenage to a Vulcun roughly his age at the time of his deadth by the end of the movie.

A Klingon vessel heads to the planet in order to harness Genesis as a weapon. He destroys the science team’s ship and holds David, Saavik & Spock as his prisoners. On Earth, the crew steals back the Enterprise in order to find Spock’s body and return it to his father in Vulcan. On reaching Genesis, they are attacked by the Kligon Kruge’s ship and have to surrender to them. Kruge has his men kill one of the prisoners on the planet and David sacrifises his life to save Saavik. Kruge & the Enterprise’s crew beam to the surface of Genesis. A distraught Kirk, hatches up a quick plan to render the Klingon’s helpless and later fights Kruge, defeating him in the end. He returns with his crew to the Klingon ship and brings Spock to Vulcan, where he must be prepared to recover back his thoughts and memories. The movie ends with the scene of old friends reunited.

I love Star Trek and I felt that he movies with the original crew were the best. They also had a darker quality and a foreboding theme. The interaction of McCoy, Spock & Kirk is truly missed. One funny scene is when Sulu is called Tiny by a huge guard and is later shown beating his much bigger adversary and saying the words “Don’t call me Tiny”! This is a good movie to spend a dull evening with.

All Tired Out

My work shift was changed to 7 am to 4 pm late last night as my fellow trainer fell sick. He got an allergic reaction to eating crab!! His face is all swollen and he can’t see properly and is laid up in bed. So I had to go a bit earlier than expected.

I woke up by 5 am and struggled through a cold shower and made it to the office on time. I hadn’t had much sleep last night, just going to bed by 1 am. I reached the office, made my material ready and the morning was spent taking three training sessions, 90 mins in duration. I went to have breakfast at around 10 am and took the third session after that. Lunch was a over in a jiffy and I went to finish my report on said training. I sat with some guys in Quality and went over a little stuff with them. By 3:45, I was ready to finish up my work and head for home. But that was not to be!

I was informed that the client would send over their trainer at 7 pm in order to take us through the new product that they were launching. Which means that I would be staying late. He arrived at 7:15 pm and the session went on till 9 pm, at which I rushed to the bus and came home as soon as I could. Now I am tired and sleepy and I just want to go to sleep.

Song for the day – “Macon Georgia Blue” – JEFF HEALEY