History Repeats Itself

Ok, this guy pulls out all the shocks as far as the WWE is concerned. We in India get to see the WWE shows a couple of weeks late, so I got this from their official website. On May 7th, Edge, having goaded Mr.Kennedy to put his Money In The Bank title oppurtunity on the line in a match on RAW, beat the cocky & brash American. Now, Edge for the second time had the briefcase with him, with a contract to get a title shot at either of the three world titles on WWE. Everyone would have expected him to wait for his chance against WWE Champion John Cena. Edge has held the WWE Championship belt on two occasions, only to lose it to Cena. But the very next day, May 8th, Edge surprised and shocked the wrestling world. On Smackdown, World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker had just beaten Batista in a defense of his title and was brutalised and bloodied. Edge was watching & waiting and saw his chance. He immediately cashed in on his Money in the bank title shot oppurtunity and entered the ring, speared the barely able to stand Undertaker and pinned him! 1 2 3! We have a new World Heavyweight Champion.