West Ham survives

I was able to catch most of today’s rerun of last night’s match at Old Trafford between the already crowned champions Manchester United & struggling to not get relegated West Ham United. Agreed that Manchester did not put out their best team and did not seem to pull much in their tackles and stuff, they must have wanted to give their home crowd something special before the award ceremony later. But West Ham were the desperate ones and were fighting for their Premiership lives and had more to gain. Ironically it was Carlos Tevez who ended up the hero scoring the lone goal in a rare 1-0 win for the Hammers at Old Trafford. Tevez has been linked with a move to one of the bigger clubs in Europe and even in England. It would be bittersweet to see him go but it seems that he is more suited to the Spanish style of play. So his going away gift to the faithful fans of West Ham is avoiding relegation, as a win was what was needed to keep the club in the Premiership. It would have been a shame to see the club go down; I mean which other club can claim to be the favourite of Iron Maiden.

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In The Stage of Recovery

The past two days were spent by me in bed. Yeah right! I wish it were all pleasure but no I was sick. I caught the flu or something. I had a fever, cough, cold and flem infection. These are not new to me but the intensity certainly was. All Saturday, I barely could get up to go to the loo a couple of times. I ate little, like rice water & a couple of slices of dry toasted bread. I slept through most of the day and didn’t answer any calls. The fever came and went and came back again – I was shivering all night.

Sunday was no better with me unable to eat or drink or even be able to sit up for more than a minute. My parents said to get to the doctor and an hour and a half after I sat up I was able to get dressed to go the hospital nearby. The doc gave me a check up and said it was my allergies acting up due to the weather. But he still gave me a shot and 5 tablets plus one cough cyrup (the colour of watery baby poo) and boy does it suck!

I came back and crashed on the bed and immediately fell asleep for a solid 90 mins. Woke up briefly for more rice & water and took my meds. The evening was no different as I just slept and slept and by night I was feeling a little better. Today I can sit up and my cough is the only thing that is the same as on Saturday. But I feel better enuff to sit and watch a little tv and a couple of episodes of Star trek : Voyager online, while resting on my bed for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Being sick sucks!

Song for the day – “Waiting” – MAREN ORD

Sens 4 Buffalo 3

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Ottawa has one foot through the door towards the Stanley Cup finals, having beaten the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 in double overtime and leading their Eastern Conference Finals series 2-0. And the two victories were away at Buffalo where the Sabres have been so strong all season long. Joe Corvo had the game winning goal for Ottawa, silencing & stunning the Buffalo crowd, scoring only his second playoff goal and the biggest goal of his career. Daniel Alfredsson, Mike Fisher & Wade Redden had the other goals for Ottawa. Game 3 is in Ottawa on Monday. GO SENS GO!