Train Of Consequences

The railway crossing that I go by everyday to work? The one where I had my incident a couple of weeks ago? It has claimed the lives of 3 people in the last few days.

A man and a woman, ages 28 & 36 respectively, had eloped. She was the wife of another man and he was working in the vicinity of her house. Apparently they ran away together and boarded the train. Not sure what happened, whether it was suicide or an accident or if anyone caught up with the duo and decided to seek revenge – but the two ended up dead. The man’s body was decapitated and the lower parts of his legs were cut off too. And his body was shrunk into the gaps between the rails. The women also was a victim of the rails of the train.

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Did they commit suicide in shame? Does not make sense; once they had eloped then the shame factor does not come into play. Were they in an accident? Who knows? Did someone kill them? Not sure.

Yesterday an elderly man was killed while trying to cross the rails and a quarter portion of his head was sliced off. This was apparently no suicide as there were onlookers but just a sad case of mis-judgement on his part. Wonder how many will get killed in that same area?

Song for the day – “Rotten Apple” – ALICE IN CHAINS