Bewitched by Ms.Montomgery

There always is one woman for every guy, and for quite a lot of girls & women as well, who will always be the epitome of the perfect woman. No matter how many years have passed since that woman was first seen, she grows more and more beautiful as the days go by. For some it’s Marylin Monroe or Bo Derek or Raquel Welch. For me it has always been Elizabeth Montgomery – the late star of the technicolour sit-com Bewitched. She was one of the most cutest & beautiful woman to ever have graced this planet. You can’t say that she was my first crush (atleast on tv or the movies) but prehaps pretty close to it. I remember watching her in my much younger days when I was in Kuwait.

They have been showing reruns of Bewitched on Hallmark for a few months. I tried to watch some of it at night just to gaze at the lovely Montgomery. For those of you who have seen the series, she has the most adorable twitching of the nose that you could ever hope a woman to have. That trait of hers is enough for any guy to fall in love with her. This show was a huge success during its eight-year run from 1964 to 1972 and remains popular through syndication. She was born in Los Angeles, California, she was the daughter of actor Robert Montgomery and his wife, Elizabeth Bryan Allen. Montgomery made her television debut in her father’s series Robert Montgomery Presents, and her film debut in 1955 in The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell.

Montgomery received five Emmy Award and four Golden Globe nominations for her role as “Samantha” the loving wife & witch who tries her best to have a normal human life with her husband and ward off the tricks of her devious & humourous mother, who loves to irritate her son-in-law. Montgomery received five Emmy Award and four Golden Globe nominations for her role as Samantha. She received Emmy Award nominations for playing a rape victim in A Case of Rape (1974), for her portrayal of the notorious Lizzie Borden in The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975), and for her role as a strong woman facing hardship in 1820’s Ohio in the mini-series The Awakening Land (1978). She also made a chilling villain in the 1985 picture Amos, playing a nurse in a state home who terrorized residents Kirk Douglas and Dorothy McGuire.

Her final acting role was in an episode of Batman: The Animated Series untitled “Showdown,” in which she played a barmaid. Elizabeth Montgomery died of colorectal cancer on May 18, 1995, at the age of 62. She died just eight weeks after being diagnosed with the disease. At the time of her death, the media widely reported that she had ignored the symptoms of her illness until it was too late, as she was caring for Robert Foxworth, who had had hip replacement surgery. But for me Elizabeth or Samantha will forever live in my heart as the ideal woman who a guy can pine and yearn for. She will forever “bewitch” me!

Busy Monday

I got a shock today as soon as I reached the office – my colleague and buddy Akhil had gone back to Bangalore as he has taken ill. It seems he was quite unwell last evening and the cause was kidney stones! I used to tell that bugger that he was drinking way too little water. For a time people were scared as to what he had but a visit to the hospital confirmed the kidney stone. So he was sent home on a plane to Bangalore.

I arrived at the office and got the news, then had to start the work for the day. By afternoon, I had a light snack for lunch and continues my work, only stopping for some clarification that operations wanted and for a couple of coffee breaks. Between 3 & 4 & then 6 & 7 I had some feedback that needed to be given to the agents and I sent my report on the same just before I left the office. Some more work was needed but at the last moment it was decided to be skipped till the morning.

Funny thing, when you are in a hurry, does the bus actually listen to you? I needed to reach home as fast as possible, in 30 minutes if I could and I swear the trip home by bus went much faster than usual. Weird!

Song for the day – “Do No Wrong” – TODD KERNS

Buzz Beer

How many Drew Carey Show fans are out there? Not owning to the fact that he and I do have similarities in apperance (expect for the crew cut), this show and Drew Carey himself are among of my favourites on television. Among the many funny anecdotes and running jokes in this brillant comedy series, lies the total genuis idea of Buzz Beer. Buzz Beer was invented by the makers of the show (meaning Carey) – a Microbrewery beer first seen on episode No. 22 “Buzz Beer” (5/8/96) on the sitcom. When Drew Carey’s department store (Winferd Lauder) looked like it might be bought out by a Dutch company, he began brewing beer as a sideline to made extra money. He called his brew “Buzz Beer” – a coffee-flavored beverage (that cracked me up)- and placed it for sale around the Cleveland area especially at the Warsaw Tavern where Drew hung out. Other partners in the Buzz Beer venture included Drew’s close friends Lewis Kiniski (Ryan Stiles), Oswald Harvey (Dietrich Bader) and Kate O’Brien (Christa Miller).

Initially they manufactured & bottled the coffee flavoured beer in Drew’s garage but the brewery was moved to Lewis and Oswald’s house. Eeach bottle of Buzz Beer contains 12 fluid oz (355ml) of beverage. The recipe for Buzz Beer is listed on its label: “Brewed from nature’s choicest Grain, Malt, Hops Yeats, coffee bean and water.” The word “Buzz” not only means that Buzz Beer gives you a “Buzz” when you drink it, but also that it’s the beer everyone’s talking about…as in “What’s the buzz?”

Motto & Mission Statement :
The motto of Buzz Beer is “Stay up and get drunk all over again!”.
Drew once jokingly noted that the original motto was going to be “This doesn’t suck.”
The mission statement that the initial four members decided on was 4 Friends, 4 Ever, 4 Beer.

Hargreaves to move to ManU

Canadian-born England midfielder Owen Hargreaves is to move to EPL giants & winners of the just concluded season, Manchester United. In a move that was due to happen for a long time, his current club Bayern Munich have come to terms with Man Utd for a deal involving the holding midfielder, for around 17million pounds. Bayern are in the midst of their worst season in years, failing to qualify for the Champions League and finishing fourth in the German Bundesliga. Hargreaves missed most of the season with an injury and had requested for the transfer. It had seemed natural for the move to take place and he hopes to resurrect his career there. Other Bayern faithful are also leaving the club – Mehmet Scholl has retired from professional football, Hasan Salihamidzic has transferred to Juventus, while Ali Karimi & Claudio Pizzaro are also set to leave. This summer will be one of rebuilding for the German club.


Going out today was a good idea to just let me be me. Going out around 12:15 pm is however not; it is still so fucking hot outside that you want to jump into a pool of ice water a few moments after you step out. But I think I needed to go out just for a few hours and so I headed for some coffee and a muffin, listening to music at CCD and relaxing on their comfy couch.

Nothing remotely interesting & new happening in terms of music, the shelves of the music stores looking pathetic. They have started their seasonal re-issuing of classic albums or cheap cds of best of collections. This is the only thing that looks even a bit exciting. Really the state of the music industry is so lousy and fucked up. But the Chennai music masters seems to be having a ball; churning out silly, stupid music with non-sense lyrics that wouldn’t tax a 2 year old. How low must you be on the IQ to even buy a tape of this garbage?

Next was to head out to get some books to read and John Grisham won out. Both The Client & The Runaway Jury are really excellent books that I have read before and even seen the movies. They will be welcome additions to my personal collection. And Grisham seems to be winning the race in my small & humble library; I have many books of his.

Hot & humid as I was I needed a lift-me-upper and by golly who should answer the call of the thirst – London Strong. A couple during lunch really hit the spot and I welcomed the golden nectar down my throat. Then it is home for some music and watching a movie or two. Cheers!

Song for the day – “You Learn” – ALANIS MORISSETTE

The Sens are in the Final

The Ottawa Senators must have scripted it at the beginning of the playoffs. They must have sat in the locker room and stated that they would win all three rounds of the Eastern Conference in 15 games! 4-1 in each round, giving their opponent a game each. What could be more perfect that giving ur foe atleast a game each. And what could be more perfect than winning their last game and thereby the series against the Buffalo Sabres and being crowned the Eastern Conference Champions, with their top line and stars scoring a goal each in a 3-2 win? That’s how it ended; Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza & Daniel Alfredsson each scored a goal in game 5 of their series against bitter rivals Buffalo and clench the Eastern Conference titles for them. Ottawa now awaits the winner of the Western Conference finals, currently held at 2-2 between the Detroit Red Wings & the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. It was a special win for Sens coach  Bryan Murray too. After becoming only the fifth coach to win 600 games earlier this season, Murray will coach in the Cup finals for the first time. GO SENS GO!

Ever Wondered?

Ever imagine what it would be like to be one step away from reaching your ultimate goal?

And then realizing that that’s the closest you will ever get to it.

Ever taken the blame & the brunt for a crime you did not commit?

Ever wanted to come clean and scream that it wasn’t actually you…but you still couldn’t do it?

Ever wanted to run away from your troubles? And realize that you can’t outrun them?

Ever wondered if the single thing you valued the most was the one thing that was the root cause of all you troubles?

Would you give it up?

Ever find that you are not what you think you are or what others think you to be?

download the women Ever wanted to just give up?

Song for the day – “38 Years Old” – THE TRAGICALLY HIP

Billy Lane – Chopper's Inc

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William David (Billy) Lane (born February 6, 1970 in Miami, Florida) is the owner of Choppers Inc. and a custom choppers motorcycle builder in Melbourne, Florida. He has became well known due to his appearances in numerous shows on the Discovery Channel. He holds seven US patents on motorcycle parts and accessories. Lane has authored two books, an autobiography, Billy Lane’s Chop Fiction: It’s not a Motorcycle, Baby, It’s a Chopper (2004, Motorbooks International) and Billy Lane’s How to Build Old School Choppers, Bobbers And Customs (2005, Motorbooks International). Lane also holds an engineering degree from Florida International University, graduating in 1997. Take a look at this guy’s awesomely wiked bike designs & marvel at the details – the second bike, the one in red is titled “Miss Behavin” and is one of my favourite bikes.

Train Of Consequences

The railway crossing that I go by everyday to work? The one where I had my incident a couple of weeks ago? It has claimed the lives of 3 people in the last few days.

A man and a woman, ages 28 & 36 respectively, had eloped. She was the wife of another man and he was working in the vicinity of her house. Apparently they ran away together and boarded the train. Not sure what happened, whether it was suicide or an accident or if anyone caught up with the duo and decided to seek revenge – but the two ended up dead. The man’s body was decapitated and the lower parts of his legs were cut off too. And his body was shrunk into the gaps between the rails. The women also was a victim of the rails of the train.

download in the land of women movie

Did they commit suicide in shame? Does not make sense; once they had eloped then the shame factor does not come into play. Were they in an accident? Who knows? Did someone kill them? Not sure.

Yesterday an elderly man was killed while trying to cross the rails and a quarter portion of his head was sliced off. This was apparently no suicide as there were onlookers but just a sad case of mis-judgement on his part. Wonder how many will get killed in that same area?

Song for the day – “Rotten Apple” – ALICE IN CHAINS

Craving for Arab food

After 5 days of staying in my bed or my room and not going out at all, I was hopping mad and wanted to get out into the land of the living. Actually, when I woke up at 7, I would have been quite content to lay back in bed and go back to sleep for another solid two hours or so. That would have been lovely but around 11 am or by afternoon atleast I would start getting restless and would not be able to stand it. So I did get out of bed and did get to work, where people were surprised to see my tired looking eyes & face (plus the 5 day stubble) and were inquiring about my health. After the usual pleasantries, I wanted to catch up on the latest updates and things happened during my absence.

By 7 pm I was ready to get out of there and was lucky enough to get a ride till Kalloor in a taxi from where I took a bus till the North Railway Station and then proceeded on foot. After having eaten mostly kanji & bread & coffee for the last few days I wanted something really special, which I haven’t had since late January. A SHAWARMA Sandwich! Delicious and meaty and lovely and oh so tender. That was what I wanted and by golly that is what I had. All the time that I was sick I kept thinking to myself that once I get back on my feet this is what I shall have to eat.

Shawarma (Arabic: شاورما, Hebrew: שווארמה, also spelt Chawarma, Shwarma, Shawerma, Shoarma or Shaorma) is a Middle Eastern-style sandwich usually composed of shaved lamb,goat, chicken, turkey, beef, or a mixture of meats. Shawarma is a popular dish across the Middle East, and is consumed by many across the rest of the world as well. Shawarma is known as guss in Iraq and gyros in Greece.

And it is damn popular in Kerala!

One Hot Flamenco Duo

Happiness is discovering a new musical artist hereto unknown to me, quite by chance. I found this clip on another person’s blog, a blog I was visiting for the first time. Thanks for that!

The Mexican duo now based in Ireland are called Rodrigo Y Gabriela and they play flamenco guitar music. They went to the top of the charts in their adopted homeland and they originally started out playing thrash metal & classic rock. Infact they have flameco versions of ‘Stairway To Heaven’ by Led Zepplin & ‘One’ by Metallica. You can catch their live clips on youtube, just like the one I have embedded here.

After you admire their talent, get you fingers clicking onto this page where you can download a few of their songs on mp3.

Kick the rap out, throw away your Mary J Blige and Justin Timbersucks albums and forget even mentioning JLo. This is real musical talent!

Song for the day – “Tamacun” – RODRIGO Y GABRIELA


That was easier said than done! Going back to work that is. I woke up today morning not feeling all good and a while later I started coughing so badly, that my chest still hurts. I decided not to go after all and it was a wise decision. I hate having to take all these days leave but what else can me done? There is no way I could make it at the office in this condition.

So I laid back in bed for sometime and read for a bit. Had my breakfast and some coffee and been chatting with Maya for sometime now. While she guzzles champagne I drink coffee to sooth my cough. Listening to some mp3s on a cd which I had though to be lost but was just stuck in the middle of an old National Geographic.

Wondering what to do the rest of day to rid me of boredom. Thinking of watching something or downloading it first from the net. Sleep would be nice as I was up most of the night, having forgotten to close the windows and the mosquitos made me pay for it. I will think of something.

Song for the day – “Time Of Our Lives” – DAVID USHER

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Blast from the past

Boy is that a face from the old days. Ricky Schroder, one time child star and could have / should have been a huge deal in Hollywood, that’s who. He was born in 1970, so that makes him 37 years old now. You would have seen an 8 or 9 year old Ricky in his Golden Globe Award winning role in The Champ co-starring with Jon Voight & Faye Dunaway (1979). He next came into the limelight as a tv star, playing the role of ‘Ricky Stratton’ in Silver Spoons about a father & son reunited after many years and discovering what it means to be a family.

I next saw him in the 1988 movie Too Young The Hero, based on the true life story of Calvin Graham, the youngest person to ever enlist in the Navy (age 12). A few more years would pass before surprise, surprise I saw him on NYPD Blue all grown up. He stayed with the show for 3 seasons, also was in Lonesome Dove series, Strong Medicine and in a few episodes of Scrubs. It seems that at one time he moved to a ranch in Colorado instead of living in Hollywood but has since sold it for $29000000! Starting this year Ricky will be appearing in 24.


That is what it felt like to me, now that it has come to an end – my four day rest period, two being confined to my bed completely! It is a relief to be able to sit up and do stuff, nothing strenuous just sitting and reading or watching tv or sitting at the computer, which just yesterday was too taxing after a hour or so that I just wanted to get back to bed. And I did sleep quite a lot, even yesterday afternoon after which I was so sure that I wouldn’t feel sleepy at all at night. And till about 1:15 am I was awake but slept soundly till 9:30 or so today morning. The medicines do take their toll and make me drowsy. That is not all – I think they are also giving me gas!

I feel much better now, although not completely 100% – that might take a few more days. But I have to get back to the office tomorrow; I have already taken 3 days leave from work for this! And although it couldn’t be helped or avoided at any cost I don’t want to spend anymore time on this. I feel like I can managed a 9 hour shift at the office as long as I don’t have to any physical work (that is a laugh)! Well, no chance of that happening.

So, as much as I would like a day or two more to recuperate, I don’t think I should, as much as it would help me. So back on the horse I go. I just hope the horse don’t poop!

Song for the day – “Numb” – HOLLY MCNARLAND