Sens 1 Buffalo 0

Ottawa has opened the door and it is being held ajar. They need just one more victory to get to their first ever Stanley Cup Final in the modern era! My lord is this really happening? The Sens are now up by 3 games to none against the fancied Buffalo Sabres. At the start of the playoffs my head would have picked either the Anaheim Ducks or the Sabres to win the Cup even though my heart always choses Ottawa, since 2000. But Ottawa has been seemingly in a hurry to erase past years of underplaying in the playoffs and rush past their opponents in as little time as possible. 5 games were enough for both the Devils & the Penguins. Can they wrap up the series win in game 4 in Ottawa in front of their own home crowd? That would be cool. A lone goal by captain Daniel Alfredsson was enough to grant the Sens the win, both goalies playing at their best. Ottawa’s Emery only had 15 shots to save to earn his 3rd shut off in this playoffs. This could be the year. GO SENS GO!

West Ham survives

I was able to catch most of today’s rerun of last night’s match at Old Trafford between the already crowned champions Manchester United & struggling to not get relegated West Ham United. Agreed that Manchester did not put out their best team and did not seem to pull much in their tackles and stuff, they must have wanted to give their home crowd something special before the award ceremony later. But West Ham were the desperate ones and were fighting for their Premiership lives and had more to gain. Ironically it was Carlos Tevez who ended up the hero scoring the lone goal in a rare 1-0 win for the Hammers at Old Trafford. Tevez has been linked with a move to one of the bigger clubs in Europe and even in England. It would be bittersweet to see him go but it seems that he is more suited to the Spanish style of play. So his going away gift to the faithful fans of West Ham is avoiding relegation, as a win was what was needed to keep the club in the Premiership. It would have been a shame to see the club go down; I mean which other club can claim to be the favourite of Iron Maiden.

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In The Stage of Recovery

The past two days were spent by me in bed. Yeah right! I wish it were all pleasure but no I was sick. I caught the flu or something. I had a fever, cough, cold and flem infection. These are not new to me but the intensity certainly was. All Saturday, I barely could get up to go to the loo a couple of times. I ate little, like rice water & a couple of slices of dry toasted bread. I slept through most of the day and didn’t answer any calls. The fever came and went and came back again – I was shivering all night.

Sunday was no better with me unable to eat or drink or even be able to sit up for more than a minute. My parents said to get to the doctor and an hour and a half after I sat up I was able to get dressed to go the hospital nearby. The doc gave me a check up and said it was my allergies acting up due to the weather. But he still gave me a shot and 5 tablets plus one cough cyrup (the colour of watery baby poo) and boy does it suck!

I came back and crashed on the bed and immediately fell asleep for a solid 90 mins. Woke up briefly for more rice & water and took my meds. The evening was no different as I just slept and slept and by night I was feeling a little better. Today I can sit up and my cough is the only thing that is the same as on Saturday. But I feel better enuff to sit and watch a little tv and a couple of episodes of Star trek : Voyager online, while resting on my bed for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Being sick sucks!

Song for the day – “Waiting” – MAREN ORD

Sens 4 Buffalo 3

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Ottawa has one foot through the door towards the Stanley Cup finals, having beaten the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 in double overtime and leading their Eastern Conference Finals series 2-0. And the two victories were away at Buffalo where the Sabres have been so strong all season long. Joe Corvo had the game winning goal for Ottawa, silencing & stunning the Buffalo crowd, scoring only his second playoff goal and the biggest goal of his career. Daniel Alfredsson, Mike Fisher & Wade Redden had the other goals for Ottawa. Game 3 is in Ottawa on Monday. GO SENS GO!

Notes for 11th March

  • Sleep is so beautiful during the early morning hours of the day. Especially if you have woken up at 5 am and can then go back to sleep.
  • My cough is acting up and I need to take care of it.
  • Some nutcase wanted to see me in the morning and came up to the apartment. But I was shaving and taking a bath and could not see him. No clue who he was.
  • The trip to work was uneventful.
  • I had one session planned out, which went really well.
  • We had an audit done some time after that.
  • Lunch included some lovely fried fish.
  • The rest of the afternoon was quite busy with work.
  • I like listening to music while creating reports.
  • Dinner was with a couple of friends

Song for the day – “Always Somewhere” – SCORPIONS

Sens 5 Buffalo 2

The Ottawa Senators drew first blood in their Eastern Conference Finals series with their rivals, the Buffalo Sabres. Winning the first game and that too away at Buffalo is all important and could prove crucial in the long run. First period goals from Mike Fisher & Daniel Alfredsson gave the Sens a 2-0 lead only to see it get equalized by Buffalo by the end of the second period. Not to worry, as Oleg Sapyrikin, Jason Spezza & Dean McAmmond scored three in the final 20 to give Ottawa the victory. Goalie Ray Emery stopped 18 shots for Ottawa. Game 2 is in Buffalo on Saturday night!

Blade : Trinity

I was about to switch the tv off last night but when I saw the announcement of this movie on HBO, I decided to stay up and watch it. I had seen the first Blade movie but missed the second of the Trilogy. This movie was noted for the comic deliveries of actor Ryan Reynolds. Yeah ok, Blade the character is played by Wesley Snipes but he is nothing more than a muscle bound killing machine.

Jessica Biel joins them as the daughter of Blade’s mentor, who sacrifices himself while fighting the FBI out to get Blade. Blade is captured but gets rescued by Hannibal King (Reynolds) and Abigail (Biel), who are part of a group that kills vampires. They ask his help in killing Drake aka Dracula, played by Dominic Purcell, who has been resurrected by Danica  & Asher Talos, a brother & sister vampire duo & their brood of vampires. Their hideout is found out by the vampires and their comrade is killed and Hannibal & a little girl are taken prisoner. Blade & Abigail go hunting for them. Reynolds has some really funny dialogues in the scenes where he is shackled as a prisoner. He is the saving grace of this movie.

Well needless to say, Drake, Danica & Asher are killed, as are all the vampires, on the release of the daystar – a powerful weapon that kills all bloodsuckers. The good guys go off to some other adventure. The highlights : Triple H as a vampire bad guy, Callum Keith Rennie as Asher (he doesn’t have many lines in the movie) & Patton Oswald as Hedges. And, when Hannibal is lying in bed he is watching the movie Incubus starring William Shatner!

History Repeats Itself

Ok, this guy pulls out all the shocks as far as the WWE is concerned. We in India get to see the WWE shows a couple of weeks late, so I got this from their official website. On May 7th, Edge, having goaded Mr.Kennedy to put his Money In The Bank title oppurtunity on the line in a match on RAW, beat the cocky & brash American. Now, Edge for the second time had the briefcase with him, with a contract to get a title shot at either of the three world titles on WWE. Everyone would have expected him to wait for his chance against WWE Champion John Cena. Edge has held the WWE Championship belt on two occasions, only to lose it to Cena. But the very next day, May 8th, Edge surprised and shocked the wrestling world. On Smackdown, World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker had just beaten Batista in a defense of his title and was brutalised and bloodied. Edge was watching & waiting and saw his chance. He immediately cashed in on his Money in the bank title shot oppurtunity and entered the ring, speared the barely able to stand Undertaker and pinned him! 1 2 3! We have a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Star Trek III – The Search For Spock

I bought another couple of movies on VCD on Sunday. I have only seen one, so I am gonna post about it. Star Trek III – the Search For Spock is a sequel to the previous Trek film Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan. This is a movie featuring the oroginal cast of Star Trek with William Shatner as Admiral James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock, DeForest Kelley as Commander (Dr.) Leonard McCoy, James Doohan as Commander/Captain Montgomery Scott, George Takei as Commander Hikaru Sulu, Walter Koenig as Commander Pavel Chekov & Nichelle Nichols as Commander Uhura. The guest star or villain in the movie is a surprising Christopher Loyd as Klingon Commander Kruge.

The movie takes place almost immediately after the events of Star Trek II, in which Khan is killed but Spock dies after bravely letting himself be affected by the powerful radiation. At the very emotional funeral, Kirk eulogizes his old friend, and Spock’s body, encapsulated in a photon torpedo, is launched onto the newly formed Genesis planet. When the USS Enterprise returns back to Earth, they find that the ship is about to be decomisioned. Meanwhile, a science team is headed to the newly formed Genesis planet and the two member team (Kirk’s son David & a vulcan named Saavik) discover a life-form which turns out to be a resurrected and young Spock! The planet has affected his dead body and Spock ages rapidly from a small boy to teenage to a Vulcun roughly his age at the time of his deadth by the end of the movie.

A Klingon vessel heads to the planet in order to harness Genesis as a weapon. He destroys the science team’s ship and holds David, Saavik & Spock as his prisoners. On Earth, the crew steals back the Enterprise in order to find Spock’s body and return it to his father in Vulcan. On reaching Genesis, they are attacked by the Kligon Kruge’s ship and have to surrender to them. Kruge has his men kill one of the prisoners on the planet and David sacrifises his life to save Saavik. Kruge & the Enterprise’s crew beam to the surface of Genesis. A distraught Kirk, hatches up a quick plan to render the Klingon’s helpless and later fights Kruge, defeating him in the end. He returns with his crew to the Klingon ship and brings Spock to Vulcan, where he must be prepared to recover back his thoughts and memories. The movie ends with the scene of old friends reunited.

I love Star Trek and I felt that he movies with the original crew were the best. They also had a darker quality and a foreboding theme. The interaction of McCoy, Spock & Kirk is truly missed. One funny scene is when Sulu is called Tiny by a huge guard and is later shown beating his much bigger adversary and saying the words “Don’t call me Tiny”! This is a good movie to spend a dull evening with.

All Tired Out

My work shift was changed to 7 am to 4 pm late last night as my fellow trainer fell sick. He got an allergic reaction to eating crab!! His face is all swollen and he can’t see properly and is laid up in bed. So I had to go a bit earlier than expected.

I woke up by 5 am and struggled through a cold shower and made it to the office on time. I hadn’t had much sleep last night, just going to bed by 1 am. I reached the office, made my material ready and the morning was spent taking three training sessions, 90 mins in duration. I went to have breakfast at around 10 am and took the third session after that. Lunch was a over in a jiffy and I went to finish my report on said training. I sat with some guys in Quality and went over a little stuff with them. By 3:45, I was ready to finish up my work and head for home. But that was not to be!

I was informed that the client would send over their trainer at 7 pm in order to take us through the new product that they were launching. Which means that I would be staying late. He arrived at 7:15 pm and the session went on till 9 pm, at which I rushed to the bus and came home as soon as I could. Now I am tired and sleepy and I just want to go to sleep.

Song for the day – “Macon Georgia Blue” – JEFF HEALEY

Happy 37th Sherina

Today is my sister Sherine aka Sherina’s 37th birthday. Way back on May 8th, 1970 she was born as the first child of our folks. And they have had 37 years of regret due to the grave mistake that they made! Hahahaha yuk yuk yuk!

Funny thing was I had remembered that it was her birthday for the past 2 weeks and then forgot it during the weekend. Around 2:30, as I asked to check upon a clarification on an account, I suddenly noticed the date in the software that we use. I quickly called her up on her cellphone, stood in a quite corner and sang her a heartfelt birthday song. She said that she was off to her office (she hasn’t been working since her delivery) as her friends at work had planned an evening out for her. I hope she enjoyed it a lot.

So here’s to a wonderful 37 – for you atleast; for me it was 37 torturous years – and to many more. I am sure that you will live many many more years. Cause witches live long lives!

Song for the day – “Starry Night” – JOE SATRIANI

Lizard vs The Moths

For the past few days, just after it first started raining heavily this season, my room has been frequented by moths. Not just one or two, but a whole fucking family of moths. I just have to keep the windows open or steam alive in this sauna heat that we are having. The moths are attracted by the light emitting from my tubelight. They fly all over the room and are sometimes in my face, my cloths or my nude body! I hate that! I just don’t like moths.

And what is worse is that the stupid moths either die or get really injured when they hit the fan’s blades. Then they fall either on my bed or on the floor in some dark corner to die. Next morning as I wake up I see a bunch of ants surrounding the dead moth and I can’t stand ants either. And we have an ant problem here in this building! So now I hate the moths when they are alive and when they are dead! I hate moths!

As I write this there are about 13 moths on my tubelight! Fuck you moths!

So it give me some pleasure to see a lizard eating a couple of the said moths. If you are very quite, you can hear a crunch sound as the lizard snacks on his feast. Lizard to the rescue. I am now cheering for the pale one as he heads over to find another moth. Go lizard, go lizard! Eat them all up. I hope he wins.

Song for the day – “Fidelity” – REGINA SPECKTOR

Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan

The second Star Trek film made – Star Trek II – The Wrath Of Khan was also deemed to be one of it’s best. The movie is more character driven than most of the other Star Trek Movies and has been described as enjoyable by both fans and non-fans of Star Trek. This is a movie featuring the original cast of Star Trek with William Shatner as Admiral James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock, DeForest Kelley as Commander (Dr.) Leonard McCoy, James Doohan as Commander Montgomery Scott, George Takei as Commander Hikaru Sulu, Walter Koenig as Commander Pavel Chekov & Nichelle Nichols as Commander Uhura. The movie stars Ricardo Montalban as ‘Khan Noonien Singh, a 20th century superhuman who had been in suspended animation along with a few of his commrades on a sleeper ship.

15 years prior to the events in the movie, Khan was discovered by the Enterprise crew and he later tried to take control of the ship. Once defeated, Khan and his followers were exiled by choice on a habitable planet by Captain Kirk. Now 52, James Kirk is brooding over his choice to be promoted to Admiral and no longer on a starship. He comes to the Enterprise, now under the captaincy of Spock, to test the new & young crew, featuring Saavik (played by Kristie Alley in her debut film role). Meanwhile Chekov gets captured by Khan & his men and is now under the control of the supermen, who put a creature in his ear and leave him vunerable to Khan’s orders. The Project Genesis is underway to find a barren planet for testing. Doctor Markus and her son David are heading the project. Khan wants the Genesis device for himself and uses Chekov to get to the scientists.

Kirk takes over command of the Enterprise and heads to find the scientists. A fight with the ship that Khan has captured leaves the Enterprise damaged. He finds the crew brutally murdered and a stunned Chekov and captain Terrell (the captain of the ship Chekov was in). Khan takes off with the Genesis device, while Kirk is reunited with Carol Markus and their son David. Chekov & Terrell try to capture Kirk & Spock but are unable to. Checkov recovers after the creature in his ear comes out. They get back to the Enterprise and head for the final battle with Khan, in which Enterprise emerges victorious after using a nebula to their benefit. Khan activates the device which can destroy everyone but Spock manages to save the ship by entering the radiation filled room and repair the ship’s reactor. He dies (but is brought back to life in Star Trek III) and the Enterprise crew eulogies him and sends his body on a torpedo capsule into the new planet created in the blast of the Genesis device.

Sens win in 5

The Sens are in the final of the Eastern Conference! Taking revenge for the loss in seven games to the New Jersey Devils in 2003, after they had fought back so bravely to come back from 3-1 to tie it at 3-3, Ottawa beat the Devils 3-2 in game 5 to wrap up the series 4-1. The Sens haven’t done this well in the playoffs since that season and could go two better and win the Stanley Cup if things go their way and their best players keep delivering. Second period goals by Antoine Vermette, Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson were enough to get the win for the Sens despite two goals by New Jersey’s Scott Gomez. Ray Emery, who showed no effects from a minor automobile accident in Ottawa on Friday, made 27 saves to cap a series in which he clearly outplayed Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, who set an NHL record with 48 wins this season. Now we wait to see who we will face in the Eastern finals – Buffalo or New York. Bring them on!

Saturdays are so casual

It used to be that Fridays at my previous company but here it is on Saturdays were you have that casual atmosphere. Ofcourse it being a customer care service, we work 24/7 but Sundays do not count – cause my department (Training) does not work on Sundays. Unfortunately, unlike our company’s normal everyday casual dress culture, we have to follow our client’s culture of formals from Monday-Friday and casual only on Saturday and for anyone working on Sunday. This sucks as you don’t meet any customers face to face and therefore you should be comfortable with what you wear in such a work. But our client’s demand that we follow their culture. Whatever!

I wore what is now my fav outfit for these days – a black cotton shirt (hell in the outside sun & heat but great for the hours inside the cool office) and my light brown jeans. That reminds me I also need to buy a new pair of shoes!

Akhil, Vineetha, Kiran & Jeeja are now my circle of close friends at the office now. I tend to spend most of my time with them. And they are all worth spending time with. Not much to do today again, except to check on the training going on in the other section and help out if things get out of hand. Was quite boring. I had a light lunch….at 4:30 pm! By 7 pm I was outta there but there was a traffic jam all the way from Palarivattom till Kacheripady. Went over to the ATM and then decided to have a milkshake before going home. Not a good idea since I have a sinus problem going on at the moment.

Added late into the night : I was kinda falling asleep on the couch while trying to watch a football match on tv. Stumbled to my room by 11 pm and hit the sack for a solid four hours before a noise outside woke me up. I am so tired due to the sinusitis and will be sleeping soundly again. Goodnite folks!

Song for the day – “The Riddle” – STEVE VAI

Little Sisters

eloise at the plaza download A few nights ago I was speaking to Babitha, who is like a little sister to me and used to be one of the agents in my previous company at their main office. I haven’t seen her or the others in a long while and I do miss them a lot. I also spoke to Jobin for some time on Wednesday evening and he also wants me to drop by when I get some free time. Oh I would just love to go there on Sunday and spend some time with some of those people who obviously care a lot for me and who I care a lot for.

What struck me as funny, in a very sweet way ofcourse, was Babitha’s reaction to something. The same way in which Aneeja reacted as well. They were both so happy & ecstatic to find out that I liked a girl. Since they care for me a lot, they were only too happy to know that and they want to see me get settled, get married and start making babies (I think). The kind of questions they asked immediately lets me know how sincere they are and how happy they would be for me if I was infact getting married!

Well the truth can be a downer! I had to tell them both that there was no such thing and although I did like a girl (and still do) there was no way that anything was going to happen. Just because it could’ve been, doesn’t mean it had to. So they were disappointed to say the least, but not as much as I was. I wish I did have some wonderful news to share to them so they could tease me and get to know the girl. But this is not meant to be. I am happy that they do care so much about me, though.

Song for the day – “Parle Moi” – ISABELLE BOULAY