Frustration @ Work

Another tough day at the office and frustrating to say the least. I mean sometimes I wonder if the different departments are actually working for the same company. They don’t care about what happens when you are doing something that will benefit them as well but they demand it when it does not come their way. But they won’t lift a finger in support and I don’t mean going out of their way kinda support but the normal stuff that is expected of them since we are in the same organization. But most of them act like assholes and won’t even return the equipments that they have taken in proper condition. What can you do about things like this?

I have decided that I won’t be Mr.Nice Guy all the time and I will put my foot down at times when screw anyone who thinks I have changed. These buggers can kiss my ass for all I care. We have one person who, in his position, is so helpful and then you have 5 or 6 others who are worthless. Why can’t they pull their socks up and do something useful? My department is going to make sure that there will be some changes in this regard or else the others can take their problems and shove it up their collective assess.

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Song for the day – “Change” – BLIND MELON

Did Kevin Sullivan Murder Chris Benoit and His Family?

The tragic deaths of Chris Benoit and his wife Nancy and son Daniel have shocked the wrestling world. The police are calling it a double-murder-suicide, but is it really? Let’s look at some facts. It has been 10 years exactly since Nancy divorced Kevin Sullivan to marry Chris Benoit. In the 1980’s Sullivan, along with his then-wife Nancy, were running a gimmick in wrestling of how they were Satanists, and Nancy was known as “The Fallen Angel.” She later became known as “Woman.” The trouble with the Satanists gimmick was it was for real, and was not a work, or fake. In the 1990’s Kevin Sullivan was the booker for WCW, and he scripted his wife Nancy into having an affair with Chris Benoit who was a member of the Four Horsemen. This made for a good angle, except, the acting became reality as Chris and Nancy actually fell in love and Nancy divorced Sullivan to marry Benoit.

Benoit left the WCW to go to work for the WWE which was then known as the WWF. It is a fact that Sullivan threatened Benoit and told him he would kill him. Yes, that was 10 years ago, but Kevin Sullivan is no dummy. He is known for being a calculating, cold-hearted individual. Today, according to a source close to me, Kevin Sullivan is a high ranking member of the Satanic Church. The police need to consider the possibility that Sullivan carried out these gruesome murders in order to have his revenge, which is what Satanists live for. He could have entered the home, with an accomplice or accomplices and held the Benoit’s at gunpoint, Sullivan could have then bound up Nancy, and made Benoit and his son watch as he strangled the life out of her. Then the next day after making Benoit and his son spend the day in agony, murdered Benoit’s little boy because of his hatred for the offspring of Benoit and Nancy. Then he could have made Benoit wait an entire day before killing him to by hanging him in the basement.

By doing this, not only would Kevin Sullivan have lived out his Satanic Church creed with his lust for revenge, but he would have destroyed Chris Benoit’s reputation which is what has happened now as the wrestling world is attacking the memory of Chris Benoit remembering him as an insane baby killer and wife killer instead of the great World Champion wrestler and friend that he was.

Satanists hate the Bible and the police have stated that a Bible was found next to the bodies of Benoit’s wife and son. This would serve as a bizarre calling card as if to either say “What good did your Bible do you?” or to throw off investigators to keep them from suspecting Sullivan and his Satanists would have been involved.

Another thing to note is the fact that Kevin Sullivan was also associated with Sherri Martel, who died just a few days before the bodies of Chris Benoit, and his family was found, and the full details of Martell’s death have not been made known as of the time of this writing.

I wonder why the police have not even considered investigating the possibility the Kevin Sullivan killed Benoit, Nancy, and their child. It is certainly a possibility worth looking in to.

Also, Benoit was going to be crowned ECW World Champion on Sunday night. Why would he murder his family and kill himself when he was going to be on top again and make lots more money?

Why would he tie his wife up before killing her? He would have no reason to, but Kevin Sullivan sure would!

Sure he had some problems with Nancy, but that was 4 years ago and what married couple doesn’t have problems? Remember also that they reconciled and as far as everyone knows there has been no other incidents reported.

One also needs to consider the fact that Benoit loved his kids and was so proud of his son that was killed. His kids wore suits and ties to his wrestling events and was proud of their dad. He was loved and respected by all those who knew him.

In my opinion, there is no way he would have murdered his family. This whole murder case has Satanists written all over it and Sullivan is a Satanist and has the motive to murder them.

I am encouraging anyone who reads this to send this to police authorities and circulate it on the internet, so these facts can be investigated, before the case is closed and Benoit is written off in history a murderer. If Sullivan is the real killer, justice should be served!

As a former Pro Wrestler myself, now a born again Christian and world wide evangelist, I am hoping and praying for justice no matter who is responsible.

Rev. Johnny Lee Clary

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Waiting for the weekend

I am so tired mentally & physically that my body & my brains hurt. I was on my feet for most of the time for the last two days, working 12 hours a day trying to get the batch of 17 new joinees certified as Customer service reps for our client’s products. This involves a lot of stuff being done during their final assessment and it is tiring. I was able to complete the certification of 8 of them and hope to complete the remaining 9 by 4 pm tomorrow. I’m glad that things are going ok and was not the disaster that I thought that it would be. I would like to wrap things up this week and start something fresh on Monday.

So what is happening this weekend? I don’t plan on doing much other than work on Saturday, maybe go for some coffee at CCD since it has been a while. Spend an hour there and come home and perhaps watch some tv, maybe even some Wimbledon action. I haven’t been watching much tv in the past couple of weeks. Sunday, if I can, I would like to go for a movie; the latest one out is Die Hard 4.0 and it might be fun to watch an aging Bruce Willis out to beat the bad guys. Hope it is good.

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Make Me A Slogan

I came to know in an email that I was one of the prize winners of a competition that was held on Tuesday. There were a few such competitions and one of them was creating a slogan for our client, namely, ‘I love working for because ________. What I entered was ‘I love working for because it’s SMILES apart from the rest! Corny, yeah, I know but it worked and I was given a prize! Some crummy book on customer satisfaction and stuff!

I got the prize at 4 pm today along with the other winners. I went on with my work until 4 pm when I had asked for the training team to have a meeting in order to discuss a few issues which we were facing. It took 90 mins or so. I left around 7 pm and saw that Arun had come home for a visit, his first here in the apartment. He stayed for a while and sat with my mom.

I am feeling really tired and sleepy now, so I gotta hit the sack. Goodnite people!

Song for the day – “Until It Sleeps” – METALLICA

Have A Safe Flight Back Home

Another party in two days. A beer & some vodka for me & my cousins. Some good food, some laughs. There was sausages, french fries, beef, fried rice & chicken. And oh how we laughed!

Arun is moving to Cochin as he finally got a job in the city. That means his entire family has now made the move from Trivandrum. So I get to see him more. Not sure if I should be happy or cry :P

Kannanchettan is moving to Muscat for work and I hope he does well there. We need to give him a sendoff party in a few weeks. We shall do it here in Lotus club, as a small conference room, which fits all of us and is comfortable, is quite cheap. Food is not bad as well.

We had to leave @ 9:30 pm since Sandhya & Navin have some stuff to do before they leave for Delhi tomorrow. They are headed back to Cardiff later tomorrow. I had lots of fun.

Song for the day – “Love Song” – TESLA

Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country

The last movie featuring the cast of the original Star Trek, Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country is also one of the best in the entire series. Also it hold a dear place in the hearts of Trekkies for nostalgia reasons. I downloaded this movie, having already seen it twice. It is funny in places and has some great moments. The stars of the movie : William Shatner as Admiral James T. Kirk, Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock, DeForest Kelley as Commander (Dr.) Leonard McCoy, James Doohan as Commander Montgomery Scott, George Takei as Commander Hikaru Sulu, Walter Koenig as Commander Pavel Chekov & Nichelle Nichols as Commander Uhura. It also stars Kurtwood Smith (the dad of Eric Forman in That 70s Show) as the President of the Federation and Michael Dorn as Colonel Worf – grandfather of the Klingon Worf (from Star Trek : TNG & also played by Michael Dorn). But we have classic villains in Christopher Plummer as General Chang, a Shakespeare quoting Klingon, Martia played by former supermodel Iman and Lt. Valeris played by the sexy Kim Cattrall.

The setting of the movie is the attempt at peace by the Klingons lead by Chancellor Gorkon, as the explosion of Praxis, the moon, has damaged the Klingon planet’s atmosphere. Starfleet has chosen the Enterprise to escort the Chancellor’s ship to Earth, much to Captain Kirk’s dismay as he despises Klingons after the death of his son at the hands of Kruge (Star Trek III : The Search for Spock). Nevertheless he heads over to meet the ship and invites the Klingons aboard the Enterprise to dinner.

Later after the Klingons return to their ship, it seems as if the Enterprise fires on them. The artificial gravity is affected and while they float inside their ship, two people beam aboard, seemingly from the Enterprise, and kill the Chancellor and a few other Klingons. Kirk & McCoy beam aboard to try and save the Chancellor’s life but in vain and they are taken prisoners by Chang. At their trial on the Klingon homeworld, which takes places despite efforts from the Federation to extradite them, they are found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment on a mining & forced labour camp, where prisoners who attempt escape die due to the fierce cold & snow. But they meet an alien shapeshifter name Martia (played by Iman), who helps them to escape, only to betray them. But Spock latches onto the duo of McCoy & Kirk just in time. Meanwhile, on board the Enterprise the search is on to find the culprits who assassinated the Chancellor.

The search finds them dead and upon investigating, Spock & Kirk discover that Lt.Valeris, a Vulcun who Spock was grooming to be his successor on his retirement. He is apparently disappointed at this betrayal by his apprentice but he conducts a mind-meld to find out a prototype Bird of Prey was the one responsible to firing at the Chancellor’s ship and that it can fire while cloaked while other Klingon ships cannot & that several StarFleet senior officials were involved in the plot to kill the Klingon Chancellor. They hold a grudge against the Klingons and do not want to enter into a peace with them, rather use this testing time to bring them to their knees. From captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior, Kirk finds out the new meeting place of the peace treaty. As they head out there, General Chang confronts the two Starfleet ships with his prototype bird of prey and damages both ship. However a
modified torpedo manages to nullify the Klingon’s advantage and the ship is destroyed. The Enterprise crew along with help from Sulu get to the treaty just in time to prevent the assassination attempt on the Federation President and apprehend the guilty parties. Now branded once again as heroes the crew are on the ship when they find that they have orders to get back to Starfleet and the ship is to be decommissioned. With one last act of defiance, the crew sets off for one last ride before retirement.

Benoit : Murder-Suicide?

Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy & their 7 year old son Daniel were all found dead in their home in Atlanta, Georgia. Benoit had canceled a pay-per-view appearance at “Vengeance” in Houston because of “personal reasons” a day before, where he was to have competed in the challenge for the EWC World Championship title. Friends of Benoit were concerned after they received some strange text messages from him and they informed WWE officials, who in turn called the cops in Atlanta. On the police reaching his house, they found Benoit’s body in the weight room. His wife & son’s dead bodies were also found in other rooms.

The police are treating this as a double murder-suicide case and they said that at this moment they aren’t pursuing any other suspects. They will know more when the autopsy report gets published. Investigators believe Benoit, (pronounced ben-WAH) killed his wife and son over the weekend and then himself sometime Monday. The bodies were found Monday afternoon in three different rooms of the house on Green Meadow Lane, in a subdivision off a gravel road about two miles from the Whitewater Country Club. The District Attorney said that there was no gun involved but declined to state as to how they died.

How did this happen? Why Chris, Why? is the question on each & ever Chris Benoit fan. He seemed to have it all and there are many people out there who have theories about what actually happened. Things like, he snapped, his wife cheated on him and he killed her (but then why kill his son), she killed the two of them, etc etc. I can’t believe it and it won’t sink in for a long time. My current favourite wrestler and second fav of all time is dead and being accused of horrendous crimes.

Song for the day – “Whatever (the Chris Benoit theme)” – OUR LADY PEACE

Seeing My Cousins

After a gap of 7 years, I saw my cousin Sandhya today evening. After a gap of 5 years I saw my cousin (and Sandhya’s brother) Navin today evening. Oh man, how the years do roll on by. I normally chat with Sandhya on MSN whenever we both manage to be online at the same time but Navin has been a stranger since 2002, when I saw him last. For many years, the three of us, along with my sister & their brother Manoj were inseparable and we spent many weekends and holidays together. How I wish those good old days coule come around again. In a small way, it did tonight.

Sandhya & Navin were on a visit to India from Wales and they reached Cochin last night. I was supposed to spend a drunken two days with them & others in Bangalore but work intervened. So meeting up in Cochin it is! Me, my sister, her three kids & husband, Raju & his wife & kid, Kannanchettan and his wife & son and our cousin Roshni all went out to have dinner at Avenue Regent with Sandhya & Navin. We met around two, said the usual “hi’s” and then us guys went to have a few drinks. The Regent has this truly excellent lounge called ‘Loungevity’ and it is amazing! We had a margarita each and then moved onto vodkas + sprites.

We joined the ladies & the kids for dinner and enjoyed a wonderful & fun 2 hours, while talking about the future and rehashing old stories. Me, I was in fine form, embarrassing Navin with stories about his adventures during his childhood and I didn’t spare Sandhya either. I missed them a whole lot and the only downside about this get together is that I am gonna miss them a whole lot more now.

Anways, we ate dinner, although for the life of me I can’t remember what I had! Then we had to say goodbye and went home. I must say goodnight too since I have to get up in just a couple of hours to get to work.

Song for the day – “Top Of The World” – VAN HALEN

Rate My Blog

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Seems like my website is rated G for General Audiences by this site, which lets you rate your blog / website according to movie ratings. I am surprised at the rating that they gave mine – it says that it was rated on the words dead (2x) & dangerous (1x) that appear in my blog. Apparently, they don’t search beyond a few posts or just the front page, since I have used quite a few swear words and stuff off & on. Anyway that’s what it says, so come one children, come and browse through Uncle Roshan’s blog :)

Night Of Champions

The Night Of Champions is upon us : WWE’s pay-per-view event, Vengence will take place later today, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The reason it is billed as the Night Of Champions, is because all the titles in the WWE are on the line tonight. This includes :

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Edge (c) vs. Batista
    • If Batista loses, he will not get another chance at the title while Edge remains champion.
  • WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. Mick Foley vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton vs. King Booker (w/Queen Sharmell)
  • WWE United States Championship: download vinyan Montel Vontavious Porter (c) vs. Ric Flair
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
  • World Tag Team Championship: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. The Hardys (Matt and Jeff)
  • WWE Women’s Championship: Melina (c) vs. Candice Michelle
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Santino Marella (c) vs. Umaga
  • ECW World Championship: Chris Benoit vs. CM Punk
  • WWE Tag Team Championship: Deuce ‘N Domino (w/Cherry) (c) vs. TBA

The WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce ‘n Domino do not have an opponent at this time but it will be announced only just before the match is to start! And although the promotional poster for Vengence shows Lashley holding the ECW belt, he had to forfeit the title a few days ago, on account of being drafted to RAW! 

Home on a Sunday

Woke up this Sunday feeling like I am not sure what is going to happen and not at all up to doing anything at all other than probably listen to music and sleep the day away. The events of yesterday all seem like it happened a thousand years ago and at the same time it seems like it happened a minute back, know what I mean? Anyways I am not gonna let it affect me any more.

So what is happening today? I missed the televised belated showing of the WWE pay-per-view event ECW One Night Stand, which actually took place on June 3rd, because my stupid cable operators are having some payment issues with TEN Sports and can’t broadcast the channel. I’m listening to some acoustic based music as I am in that mood. I feel like getting drunk but cannot be bothered to get up, take a shower and head out to a bar. I feel like watching tv but there is nothing good on. I feel like going to sleep but I am not sleepy.

Song for the day – “Silver Road” – SARAH HARMER


This has got to be the weirdest week ever, as far as my work life is concerned! I mean, here I am thinking one thing or led to believe one thing and it turns out to be quite another thing all together! Well, I am not sure since I have to yet hear it from the horses’ mouth. And I really want to let him have his say.

One of my friends & colleague went off in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, saying that it was an emergency and that his aunt was lying in a very critical condition in a hospital in Bangalore. He was granted the leave and he rushed to the rented apartment to get his belongings and left on a plane. I was asked to cover for his work today and for the next three days of the following week. I was glad to help. I spoke to him last night and asked him how his aunt was and he replied that she was getting better. We then spoke about the pending work and I said good night.

It turns out that he was bluffing…or atleast it seems to be that he is. I was told by the batch of new recruits that he was training that he left for another reason and not because his aunt was ill. Turns out that he & a girl in the training batch had eloped to get married! And they had only met 18 days back, when he started the training! I was quite shocked to hear about this and doubted the truth in it almost the entire day. But they confirmed it to me, saying that they had spoken to my friend and the girl and that had informed them that their marriage was over and that my friend would take good care of the girl!

I have been unable to get my friend on the phone since then and no one else has had better luck. The rumour spread like wildfire and the entire office was talking about it it seems. Lots of people coming to ask me about it, since they thought that I would have all the details as he & I are very close…or so it seems! Anyway, I am just waiting for him to come back and have him sort out this mess. The kind of gossip spreading about is terrible to say the least.

Song for the day – “When The Night Comes Falling” – JEFF HEALEY

Benoit vs Punk for ECW Championship

This Sunday it will be Chris Benoit vs C M Punk, facing off against each other for the vacant ECW World Heavyweight Championship title. The title was left vacant after the recent draft, which saw Bobby Lashley, having to vacate his title belt on being drafted to WWE Raw. Although he had just won the title back from Mr.McMahon 8 days prior, Lashley had to forfeit his championship since a wrestler cannot carry the title when he moves from one roster to another. So, we have a veteran wrestler & former WWE Champion in Benoit (he won it on RAW) squaring off against a younger up & comer in Punk. Both wrestlers have the utmost respect for each other but each will want the title for himself.

Long Way Home

There is an unwritten policy in our company! Since we are a BPO and we work 24 hours in different shifts, there are employees being dropped or picked up from home during the early mornings or late at night. We have shifts ending at 10 pm, 12 am & 1 am. In these cases we have contracted cabs to drop us at our homes or rented places. The unwritten policy, which is more a way to behave or just plane being safe, is to make sure that no girl or girls get dropped to their homes alone, i.e. the guy being dropped last has to ensure that all the girls are dropped before he is. This is just being cautious. No one is attempting to be the dazzling knight in shining armour or anything of that sort. Twice, I have had to do that, since I only just started coming in night shifts.

The last time I didn’t know about it until I was actually in the 16 seater bus. Today, there were four of us in a car, with the other two guys getting off quite close to the office, and I volunteered to drop the young lady home. No other intention other than being helpful, because otherwise they would have to send a member of the security staff to accompany this girl till her home. The security guy would then find it tough to come back to his shift and that was not necessary since I was there. So I said, do not worry as I am there! I wanted to eat my words when I found out that her house was so far away and that it was a treacherous path to it! Maybe next time, I should keep my big mouth shut!!