Change in the weather

So we had some heavy rain, then not so heavy rain and then a little rain. Now today it’s like it never rained at all!

It was nice to have rain for two days and then occasional showers to quench the thirst of the Earth. It made the air cleaner and cooled us down considerably, thereby making the evenings & nights much more pleasant. The mornings (until say 9 am) is usually a bit cold and taking a shower in the chilled water wakes you up and every part of your body in ways you can’t imagine. Older people have to switch on the water heaters in their bathrooms before they take a bath in the mornings. Me, I don’t bother and since I normally sleep for less than 6 hours on workdays, I need the extra stimuli to vitalize me.

It is also lovely to sleep the mornings in bed, which unfortunately I can’t do at the moment since I am working a 9-6 shift as I have a training batch. But I fully intend to utilize it on Sunday.

The side effect of all this rain is that the roads get muddy and you tend to get wet on the way to work or going outside for some fun. Umbrellas are in full swing. The whole city gets a slick feeling but better be careful when you are walking. And people tend to get sick when they get wet in the rain.

But today, the heat is back. Two days of no rain and we are almost back to the sweat and the blaze. That is not good. I hope it rains tonight or tomorrow.

Song for the day – “Rainmaker” – IRON MAIDEN