Aerosmith in India!! And I can’t see them :(

Aerosmith play live at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore and I can’t go to see them! :(

As another legendary band plays in Bangalore tonight, I will be having a vodka or two, a quite dinner by myself and come back home. There will be that Amazing feeling of a Sweet Emotion, some Crying as I Walk This Way tired & Jaded. The Boston bad boys will be playing all their greatest hits and I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing so tell me What It Takes to get there to The Other Side and watch them live. But my circumstances said Dream On cause your Dueces Are Wild and you’re feeling F.I.N.E. All I can do is perhaps spend some time with the Girls Of Summer and hope I get some Love In An Elevator and hope that the Dude, Looks Like A Lady doesn’t take a fancy for me.

Song for the day – “Sweet Taste Of India” – AEROSMITH