Sleep the morning away

I literally slept the whole morning except for an hour or so when I finished reading a book. We had no power from 9 am till a few minutes ago when it came back on again. The morning was hot & cloudy but there was a good breeze coming in through my windows, so I just went back to sleep after my breakfast & coffee. I scanned through a few pages of the latest Reader’s Digest that was laying around during coffee. The good thing about doing a 4-1 evening shift is that you seem to get more free time but with no power I got to focus on my sleep instead.

So i decided to close my eyes, enjoy the breeze and slept from 10 am till 1 pm, waking up in between to check who sent me messages on my cell and to take a leak. By 1:40 pm I have had lunch and am checking my e-mail and reading other people’s blogs and generally shaking the cobwebs in my head. In a few more minutes I will be taking a cold shower and will head for the office. Oh, that reminds me! I have to take money out of the ATM to pay my internet bill.

Song for the day – “Where Have All The Good People Gone” – SAM ROBERTS