Rain Drenched Cochin

So my wishes were answered last night as it rained quite heavily and there was lots of thunder & lightning. The balcony of my apartment was completely wet and I almost slipped there as I went there in the morning. I missed most of it, enclosed as I am in my office building and inside my training room. When I went to the open air canteen (well we have a huge roof but it is not enclosed) at around 8:30, it wasn’t raining yet.

But a little after midnite it started raining and pouring like so heavily that the roads were filled with water in some places. Luckily it didn’t rain for too long. But it is a welcome sign of things weatherwise.

I had to go all the way to Vypeen before reaching home. For a guy whose work got over at 1 am, I reached home only by 3 am. The reason being that everyone else in the cab were dropped at their residence first since they live closer to the office but there was this one girl who lived in Vypeen. We have to ensure that there is atleast one guy (other than the contracted cab driver) from the office left in the cabs if there is a lady still to be dropped back to her home. And he has to see to it that the girl reached home safely. Being the only male left, I had to accompany her till her house and then get dropped back to my place, which is closer to the office than her place! Anyway that is to be expected. But I was so tired & sleepy by the time I reached home.

But it wasn’t a total waste of time; she was good company & very knowledgeable and we chatted quite a bit about her project (slightly different from the one I am in) and I got to know a lot about the issues that they are facing.

Song for the day – “Weapons” – TARA MACLEAN

Love Bond

I was just reading about this guy in Poland who came out of a coma after 19 years. Jan Grzebski, 65, a Warsaw railway worker who woke up after 19 years in a coma is learning to live and to understand a politically altered Poland. In 1988, when Poland was still run by a communist government, Grzebski sustained head injuries as he was attaching two train carriages together and fell into a coma. Doctors also found cancer in his brain and said he would not live.

Despite doctors’ advice that he would not live, his wife Gertruda never gave up hope and took care of him at home. Last year, she noticed that he was trying to speak, the papers said. He returned to the hospital and came out of the coma some two months ago. He is now in a wheelchair, re-discovering the city & country and amazed at what he sees. When he went into the coma, he was in a communist nation and he woke up to a modern democratic city.

19 Years? Wow man! That is fidelity & loyalty!! How many would have given up hope in a year or two or even less?

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