Star Trek IX : Insurrection

This is the 9th Star Trek movie made and 3rd with the crew of the TNG series. Starring : Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Johnathan Frakes as Commander William Riker, Brent Spinner as Lt.Commander Data, LeVar Burton as Lt.Commander Geordie La Forge, Michael Dorn as Lt.Commander Worf, Gates McFadden as Commander (Dr.) Beverly Crusher & Marina Sirtis as Commander (Counselor) Deana Troi. The Ba’ku are a peaceful race living on a planet that offers regenerative radiation, and therefore incredible lifespans. The Federation and their associates the So’na are secretly studying the seemingly primitive beings, the Ba’ku and their planet when Data, who is also on the team, goes berserk and attacks the hidden Federation station and escapes on a vessel. He is apprehended by Picard & Worf and taken to the Enterprise for a checkup. Admiral Dougherty, who is heading the Federation’s team in this research is eager for the Enterprise crew to be on their way.

Our suspicious crew beam down to the surface of the planet and find the Ba’ku are not what they seem to be : they are actually a much advanced race but they have rejected technology for a peaceful life. Picard & a now fully recovered Data lead some of the Ba’ku to find find a Federation ship which contains a holodeck reproduction of the Ba’ku village, apparently so the Ba’ku can be unwittingly relocated without their consent, and learn that Data had stumbled upon it previously and had been shot by one of the Son’a aboard, causing his malfunction. During the course of their investigations, odd effects occur — Picard seems to grow slightly younger; Riker and Deanna become affectionate and seem on the verge of renewing a long-abandoned relationship; and Geordi’s optic nerves begin to regenerate. Picard even becomes attracted to a Ba’ku named Anij, a forty-something-looking woman who claims to be ten times that age.

Picard confronts the Admiral on the plot to covertly remove the Ba’ku from their home and move them to a similar location on another planet, inorder for the Son’a & certain greedy elements within the Federation to harvest the ‘fountain of youth’ like elements in the rings around the planet. He is ordered to leave the region but disobeys them in order to help the Ba’ku. He is joined by his ever faithful crew. Son’a leader Adhar Ru’afo and Dougherty change their plans and start simply transporting Ba’ku to the holoship by force. When Picard and crew lead the Ba’ku to areas resistant to transporter locks, robotic devices are sent after the Ba’ku to tag them to make them easy to lock onto.

Picard is captured by the Son’a and Dougherty, he reveals to Admiral Dougherty that the Son’a are actually Ba’ku who were exiled from the planet a century ago and are simply out for revenge, a fact Dr. Crusher’s medical examinations had recently revealed. Picard convinces one of the Son’a, who seems ambivalent, to betray Ru’afo and spring Picard and some other captured Enterprise crew. They take control of the holoship. An attempt to capture the harvester by deception, using the holoship to trick Ru’afo and the other Son’a, fails, and a climactic battle ensues in which Picard and Ru’afo fight onboard the harvester. Picard succeeds in activating a self-destruct and, having sent its message, the Enterprise returns just in time to rescue Picard. Ru’afo is killed. The Son’a, suddenly leaderless and mostly more moderate than Ru’afo was, decide to try to put aside their long-standing blood feud and try to live among the Ba’ku, who welcome them despite the scheme they’ve participated in. Meanwhile, the Enterprise returns to its usual duties.


I need to relax on my day off, be it Sunday or any other day of the week. I don’t care about the particular day but relax i must. And ‘relax’ can mean either going out to enjoy myself and have a few drinks or something or staying at home all day and watching a movie or two and listening to some cool tunes, while browsing the net at my leisure, reading a book and sleeping a bit during the afternoons.

Having fallen asleep only by 4 am, despite reaching home by 1:45 am, I was drowsy and tired as I woke up at 9 am this morning and went back to sleep for another solid hour without much trouble. I only wanted coffee (the stronger the better) and read the paper while having some. I watched two episodes of Star Trek : Voyager while putting my feet up on the bed and relaxed. By 1 pm I was in the shower and feeling hungry and thirsty, I headed out to Oberoi for some drinks and some grub. I stayed there for over two hours and enjoyed the afternoon. However during the last 30 mins or so, I was pissed off at the two assholes at the next table who were smoking cigarettes and blowing that second-hand stuff in my direction. A couple of coughs and a few glares made them put out their offending cigarettes and I could breathe a little better.

Song for the day – “Do It Anymore” – NICKELBACK

When was the last time you…

Hey, I got this from one of my fav bloggers, Tina @ reddirtroad

Ate your favorite ice cream?

Two weeks ago? It’s Wimbledon Delight and it is yummy

Followed a butterfly’s flight till it was out of sight?

I did it last night, although I think it was actually a moth :)

Sat and looked at the awesomeness of the fullmoon on a clear night?

I do that all the time, whenever there is a full moon. I love full moons.

Listened to a piece of music that made you close your eyes and pay attention to it?

This happens to me quite a lot, since I take music very seriously. So, all the time, nearly everyday.

Danced in the living room?

Living room, no. But I dance and play air guitar in my bedroom atleast a couple of times a week. :D

Lit some candles and sat in the bathtub til your skin was wrinkled up?

I don’t have a bathtub and haven’t had one in years. I used to do that a long time ago. 15 years back or so.

Called a loved one just to talk to them?

About to do it; I am going to call Asha since I miss her a lot and I just want to hear her voice since I can’t see her, what with her being in Hyderabad.

Smelled your clean laundry?

Everyday :P. So today morning will be the answer. Somehow I love the smell of clean undergarments (only mine) and shirts and dhotis!

Brought home some flowers for yourself?

I am a guy!!

Went to a movie by yourself?

October 2004, can’t remember the exact date :)

Went to bed early to read a good book?

Last Wednesday.

Bought yourself something nice to wear?

January 12th and I wore that shirt today

Looked through your old photograph albums?

Oh boy I hate my photo albums. I guess three years back.

Walked through a museum?

I think when I was 15, on a school trip. That was more than 15 years ago!!!

Created a gift for a friend?

Oh, I think you always buy gifts. Do mixed tapes count?

Gave yourself a pedicure?

Don’t make me laugh. Me buff hombre not little girly man.

Sat and literally smelled the roses?

I can safely say, never. :P