Thunder In The Distance

After a week of doing a 4-1 night shift, I am back now in the regular shift in the land of the living, doing 9-6. My trainees needed to get assessed and certified today and all but one did! That is good news, even if it did drag by much longer than I thought it would. The third person could not make it due to a family crisis and will make up for it tomorrow. I can relax after that. This hand over is very critical for me since it seems many people have noticed the issues that I faced while it was going on.

I have enjoyed the rain every night for the past few days and as I type this, my open windows user in the cool breeze that accompanies tonight’s rain and I can hear thunder in the distance. I’d prefer it if it rained every night, rather than in the mornings, although an afternoon shower would also be nice. Keeps the temperature lower and makes it easier to bear the usual heat.

I went to have a yummy pizza and a shake this evening as I barely ate anything for lunch. The prize is reasonable so that makes me happy too.

I was sleepy earlier, round about 8:30 and I had lain down for a nap but I had to attend a conference call with my colleagues and a member of our client and out went the sleep. Now, I feel like watching some tv but a rerun of an episode of Friends is the only thing that is on and worth watching. So I sit and listened to some songs on mp3 until sleep catches up with me. How about you?

download the red baron

Song for the day – “Made Of Steel” – OUR LADY PEACE


I find it hard to believe that there are people out there who do not find Mr.Bean funny! In fact there are several who admit to hating him and actor Rowan Atkinson!! Really? And there are idiots who like Boybands!!

Anyway, I like both Mr.Bean and Mr. Bean : The Animated Series, favouring the animated version a lot more, since I think it is very endearing and cute. I have seen most of the episodes of both several times and still enjoy it. My younger nephew Adhitya, loves both shows very much and he has memorized the events that take place. Even he has said that he prefers the cartoon version over the live version.

So how is the animated version different than Rowan Atkinson’s antics in reel life? For one he looks more friendly & cute to kids and there is a whole lot more you can do with a cartoon. Bean lives in an apartment that is so much better looking that his flesh counterpart and a whole lot more cozier and spacious. Teddy, ofcourse is with him by his side in every episode. Teddy is the teddy bear that Bean loves immensely. Bean’s sometime girlfriend is there as well as you can see in the image above. And, not pictured but still an essential part of the show, is his prized car.

The new additions are the old haggy looking landlady of the apartment and her one-eyed cat. Both have been problematic for our hero but he gets by in the end. I hear that Rowan himself voiced the character of Bean.