There was a problem with the security staff that are assigned to our office building – they were on strike. As I came in today to report for work, I saw them all standing out, not checking anyone coming or going out and not doing any work at all. It seems that they did not get their salary this month and hence they were striking! It is a shame to see people having to suffer and not get paid for their work and my sympathies are with the men & women who comprise of the security staff. They belong to a security agency, who gets paid by my company and the agency in turn has to pay the guards their salaries. So these guys did not want to work until they got paid. It was all sorted out in the end; their agency had some issue with their bank.

I got in and was about to start checking my e-mails when I saw this new girl at the office (the same one I almost splattered) and we started talking. She asked me if I knew what the issue was all about and I was about to tell her the fact when she also told me that “is it anything to do with the signing of the register?” See she hadn’t signed off when she was leaving the office for the past few days and someone in her department had already informed her last night that she was supposed to sign the register every day – when she comes in and when she leaves to go back home.

Seeing her expression, I said “Oh so you are the one who caused the problem”!! And I made up this story on the spot; I said that the bosses, on doing a random check, had noticed that someone was not signing the register in the evening while leaving the office and the security staff had got rebukes for not enforcing it. And that the security staff were very upset and wanted to know who this girl was.

The look on her face was priceless. She asked me, “Should I go and apologize and admit that it is my fault and promise never to do it again?” I couldn’t continue any further and started laughing my ass off. She was relieved when I finally admitted that I was only pulling her leg. But that was so funny!! Although she finally laughed at it as part of me picking on the new joinee, she has vowed to get me back! We shall see :)

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