Appalling Behaviour

Last evening I listened to a girl who has been discriminated by her immediate supervisor in our organization. She had taken a leave of 2 weeks in order to go and write an exam for the armed forces, which has been a long time ambition of hers. She had requested this leave very much in advance and was led to believe that it would not be an issue. However on the eve of her departure, she was told by that supervisor that he could not let her go since her work would be pending. And that if she did decide to go, when she came back she would be demoted from her current post.

This sudden change of mind was expected from him; he had been coming onto her for weeks it seems. I had heard a bit about this and was not at all surprised at his behaviour, having known the bugger quite well. He & I had done the training for this current project of our client together and I got to know a lot about his character. His behaviour is quite appalling none the less. She never said a word till now, since he hadn’t gone to the extent of physically touching her but he would go out of his way to spend atleast an hour with her everyday, on the pretense of giving out advice and checking on her performance but he never spends even a quarter of that time with anyone else in a week!

She is actually quite strong willed and self-assured even though she goes around in a child-like manner and smiling and laughing and getting teased by most of the people. But she seems to know how to take care of herself, as evidenced by the manner in which she gave it back to him. I have joined her cheering section and took great pleasure on hearing how she cut him down to size. He had better watch out!

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